Giesser Black DiamondCut

Giesser Black DiamondCut by TYPEMYKNIFE® is the perfect fascination of sharpness from design and aesthetics.

Deep black refined by a Diamond like Carbon DLC carbon coating.

Available with 4 extraordinary unique handle variants and a fantastic laser design engraving by TYPEMYKNIFE®.

The result is the perfection of functionality and personality in a Giesser Black DiamondCut by TYPEMYKNIFE®

Made in the Giesser blade manufactory. Exquisite tools for a sharp cut. A Pure an real made in Germany philosophy.

Handcraft and precision since 1776 in the 7th generation at the Winnenden site in Germany.





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Giesser Black DiamondCut is real & pure made in Germany.

Diamond like carbon coating for the highest demands.

With an extraordinary design refined by TYPEMYKNIFE® 

These exquisite
Giesser Black DiamondCut blades are available

The Chef's No. 1

is a chef’s knife in a class of its own.
It is perfect for cutting fine meat, fish and vegetables.

20cm blade length, 57+-1° HRC


An Asian shape similar to the Santoku with a pronounced scalloped edge.

Perfect for use with most cutting techniques

16cm blade length, 57+-1° HRC, filigree handle shape for maximum maneuverability

BBQ No.1

With its pointed curved blade and its dominant dimensions, a perfect tool for large pieces of meat, fish and vegetables.

30cm blade length, 57+-1° HRC and strong handling in the handle

The Wave / Bread Knife

The bread and utility knife with extra-sharp serrated edge. Hard bread crusts such as large vegetables and pieces of meat can be cut effortlessly.

25cm blade length, 57+-1° HRC and strong handling in the handle.

the diamond like carbon principle

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating has proven to be a breakthrough technology for the improvement of kitchen knives.

This innovative coating technique gives knife blades exceptional hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, making them an ideal tool for use in the kitchen.

DLC coating is created by depositing a thin layer of amorphous carbon on the surface of the knife. This layer is similar in structure and hardness to diamond, which gives it superior properties;

The DLC coating is usually applied by means of physical vapor deposition (PVD) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which results in a uniform and durable coating.

The advantages of DLC-coated kitchen knives are manifold. The extreme hardness of the coating makes the knife blades extremely resistant to wear and tear, which significantly extends their service life. In addition, DLC coating offers excellent corrosion resistance as it protects the knife blades from the damaging effects of moisture, acids and other chemical substances; This is particularly important in the kitchen, where knives frequently come into contact with various foods and liquids.
The smooth surface of the DLC coating also reduces friction when cutting, resulting in improved cutting performance. Food sticks less to the blade, allowing for precise cutting and smooth preparation. In addition to the functional advantages, DLC coating also offers aesthetic advantages. The dark, shiny surface gives the knife blades an elegant and modern look, making them an eye-catcher in every kitchen. Overall, DLC coating is a revolutionary technology that significantly improves the performance and longevity of kitchen knives. With its outstanding features, it is the ideal choice for discerning chefs and kitchen lovers looking for premium tools to support their culinary skills.

The handle of a knife

is your special connection to your blade. Your style lies in your hand.

Choose from special exquisite materials that are only available in this Giesser Black DiamondCut product line.


We have combined the most beautiful woods available in this handle.

Maple, wenge, sipo mahogany, walnut, makore and amaranth are combined to create an incomparable color pattern that gives your blade a style all of its own.

Zebrano X-Cut.

Zebrano is an African precious wood. Exceptionally beautifully striped and striking in its grain.

Hard, dense, solid and durable for a blade handle.

Karelian curly birch.

A birch species from the far north of Finland. The beige to light brown wood has a strong contrasting, distinctive grain.

Karelian curly birch is the traditional wood of the seeds for your blades.

Perlmutt Acryl.

The beauty of mother-of-pearl, a shimmering, elegant shade of color ranging from light to dark nuances.

An unmistakable unique piece made of fine acrylic.






Your blade design that matches your personality. Choose your matching motif from a rich treasure trove of extraordinary design suggestions; Be inspired by the creativity of TYPEMYKNIFE®

THE Laser Design by TYPEMYKNIFE® principle

TYPEMYKNIFE® is the renowned refiner of high-quality kitchen knives, known for its innovative blade designs.

Every blade finished by TYPEMYKNIFE® is a testament to precision, functionality and aesthetic sophistication;

One of the most distinctive features of TYPEMYKNIFE® blade designs is their versatility. They offer a wide range of blade shapes optimized for different purposes.

In addition, the blade designs from TYPEMYKNIFE® are characterized by their first-class craftsmanship.

Another outstanding feature of TYPEMYKNIFE’s blade designs is their aesthetic appearance.

Each blade is designed with a sense of elegance and style, paying attention to details such as engravings  or embellishments.

This not only gives TYPEMYKNIFE® knives an impressive visual presence, but also makes them coveted collector’s items.

Innovation is a key feature of TYPEMYKNIFE’s blade designs. The company continuously invests in research and development to push the boundaries of knife design.

All in all, TYPEMYKNIFE® blade designs are a perfect fusion of functionality, quality and style;

They are the choice for demanding users who expect only the best from their tools.