A Maître Cuisinier's point of view The Tanto Knife is a Japanese short sword with a very strong armor piercing point.

How do you define tanto knives?

These combat knives are particularly characterized by the tip at the level of the back of the blade. The ground tip that runs to the cutting edge with a concave ground geometry.

What are tanto knives used for?

Originally worn as a short sword in a samurai's belt. in the kitchen more suitable for the pointed, razor-sharp cutting of large, strong vegetables such as pumpkins. The tanto can also be used for cutting up, breaking out game and other animals for slaughter.

Which tanto knife should I choose?

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® are specialized in selling European knife manufacturers. The only model we have on offer is the DICK Tanto from the Red Spirit series. A beautiful knife that is ideal for semi-professional use to gain your first experience in Japanese cuisine.

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