TYPEMYKNIFE® and Ivana’s wonderful jams

TYPEMYKNIFE® and Ivana's wonderful jams | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

Ivana’s Einmacherei from Hedingen in Switzerland and the charming meeting with TYPEMYKNIFE®

A blog story about professional understanding and professional exchange that came about through our collaboration with Meta Hiltebrand.< /p>

TYPEMYKNIFE® and Ivana's wonderful jams | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

The Meta Hiltebrand knife story and the social media hype for TYPEMKYNIFE®

When we at TYPEMKYNIFE® developed a unique knife design for Meta Hiltebrand and the entire story was then processed by Meta and us in the socials is, we were pleasantly surprised by the feedback from the community.

Of course, many fans of Meta Hiltebrand have become aware of our unique knife design that we have developed for you.

Today we would like to share what came out of this and the many contacts we have made through the collaboration and introduce a very special person.

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Ivana`s preserves – 100% natural in a jar

Nature in a glass, a special credo that requires attention to detail in the processing and production of high-quality jams. The inclined reader will surely ask himself now, how does TYPEMYKNIFE® get into jams and what basis does the story have to offer.

Ivana is an Instagram user and follower of Meta’s profile. She messaged us after the story about the Meta knife design.

As chef de cuisine, we had the right topic at hand, and she wanted to know which tool she could use to make her production more professional and better.

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Kitchen knives are more than ordinary tools

Professional knives are sharp and awesome tools in the user’s hand.

Ivana bought knives some time ago, which cause more problems in her daily work than they make her workflow easier. Unfortunately, she fell for promises who sold her an herb sickle and kitchen knife of marginal use.

The sickle tore your herbs more than they cut them. The blade wasn’t sharpened properly. Because of their concavely curved cutting edge, sickles are a very difficult blade to sharpen.

The kitchen knife she wanted to use to prepare her fruit had caused her fruit to become discolored because the steel used was not made of a reasonable alloy. A steel with scale in the upper third of the blade.

TYPEMYKNIFE® and Ivana's wonderful jams | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 10

The knife is said to be a carbon steel blade, which due to its metallurgical nature is completely useless for processing food, especially when it comes to fruit.

A ferrule and a pleasing grip on the tang, and these products with a good storytelling are sold to the willing buyer as manufactured goods.

It was a matter of course for us at TYPEMYKNIFE® to give Ivana sensible advice on the use of knives and their purpose.

As master chefs with many years of experience in star gastronomy, we trust ourselves to advise our customers professionally and competently.

We don’t focus on quick returns. No, the goal is customer satisfaction and the appropriate use of a sharp knife.

We have provided Ivana with a small knife set for the various purposes and she will certainly be happy to finally be able to use professional tools in her “canning”.

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Ivana’s preserving is a passion for the finest jams, jellies, purées, blossom sugar and herbal salts.

The true art of making jam is understanding how gelation can occur without additives.

This ancient art of manufacture has saved Ivana from the traditions and experiences of grandmothers into modern times. Her preserves also carry the label “Mamma in der Küche” because she cooks like grandmother did.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the topic of pectins and the properties of a fruit according to its proportion of this important enzyme will discover the secret of the success of Ivana’s Einmacherei.

In her blog, she likes to take her readers on the journey of her passion. After all, Ivana only works with raw materials from natural gardens where trees and shrubs can still thrive.

Without any kind of pesticides and other chemical bombs that only serve to increase yields. What the loss of aromas means for the culture of enjoyment should also not be underestimated.

Ivana works against this trend of the permanent availability of raw materials imported from all over the world and being available.

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A homepage for the online shop of Ivana’s Einmacherei

A feast for the eyes for all design enthusiasts and lovers of authentic products.

Anyone who has fun on the homepage of Ivana`s Einmacherei will discover a coherent profile, a real story about a woman who in captivates visitors with her passion for her products.

Your values are real and tangible. This is definitely not a popular greenwashing for an industrially produced product that corresponds to the spirit of the times.

We can say with certainty, a small gem among a tide of soulless mass-produced goods.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® are very pleased to have given Ivana’s Einmacherei the right recommendations with some advice and action on the use of the right cutting tools.

It is a real pleasure to offer our personal support and congratulations to this great idea in the fight against windmills in all sorts of smoothed-out taste buds.

The passion of TYPEMYKNIFE® is to wish for a good cooperation for the extraordinary taste as well as the suitable as well as the right tool in the form of a kitchen knife.


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