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We gently work your motif into the metal with our TYPEMYKNIFE® laser technology.

The surface of your knife will not change like it would with an engraving.

The laser technology does not change the properties of the knife steel such as degree of hardness, elasticity or edge retention.

The laser cutting edge (waste) has no effect on the sharpness of your knife.

The knife can still be sharpened professionally on the cutting edge (waste).

The display of the lasered design can be impaired by improper use of abrasives.

Load your selected knife from the shop with the RUN CONFIGURATE button from the product detail view into the 3D configurator, or search for your knife model from the configurator via CHOOSE KNIFE from the shop-BRANDS or from the use-USE .

Load your desired design – configurator tools with IMAGE UPLOAD from your own COMPUTER database, or use our FREE TYPEMYKNIFE® DESIGNS from the GALLERY.

You can upload the following file format: pixel graphics as a JPEG file (limit 1MB)  or SVG file formats.

Your design will appear on the blade. Now you can use the editing window to enlarge, reduce, place, rotate 360° or  your design image. delete and upload a new design.

You can add text to your image with ADD TEXT.

The “TRESHOLD” contrast slider controls the visibility of your design.

With the “MIRROW” function, you mirror the design on the blade.

Move your knife in 3D space and look at it from all sides.

Save your design now with SAFE FILE in your account or create an account if you don’t have one.

Change the side of the blade by moving the knife with the mouse.

Start processing the second side of the blade using the same steps as previously described.

The design price appears for the processing of one side of the blade including the applicable VAT and is added to the price of the knife including VAT.

Front Design + Back Design + Knife Price = Total incl. VAT

Now save your design development with the SAVE KNIFE command.

Once you are happy with your design and have everything saved, press the ADD TO CART command. 

Now your selected knife with your design will be loaded into the shopping cart and the total price of the knife including the design price per blade side and the valid VAT of your country will be displayed (delivery address)

Check your design selection again via VIEW DESIGNED KNIFE and save your design draft as a PDF on your PC.

Proceed to checkout.

All of our product photos, 3D models and videos are sample representations that may differ from the delivered knife.

All knives, especially those with handles made of natural materials, may differ in structure, color and grain from the sample illustration.

All natural materials are subject to constant change processes and require sufficient care by lightly oiling the wooden handles with care oils suitable for the material.

Grip scales made of natural materials are subject to natural aging processes and changes in structure and colour.

All of our products, especially those with natural materials, are not dishwasher-safe. Clean the knives with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Then dry the knives thoroughly and oil the wooden handles as needed.

We can develop a custom design for you or your company. We can produce this in series or as a single piece on your desired knife. We can also refine your desired knife with goldsmith techniques. Precious stones, gold and silver inlays in the handle, or incorporate metal. Your creativity knows no limits. The TYPEMYKNIFE MESSERMANUFAKTUR manufactures noble knives according to your wishes in our master workshop. Please contact us at and describe your request.

We endeavor to deliver your ordered goods as quickly as possible within a period of up to approx. 14 working days. This also depends on the production volume of our knife manufacturers. Of course we deliver faster if possible.

The processing of your knife using laser technology is a highly specialized, time-consuming service that hardly allows any tolerances. If your upload does not conform to our technical requirements, we will contact you and discuss solutions with you.

If we cannot meet the delivery deadline, we will inform you immediately. If your goods are on the way, in an insured package, you will receive a message with a tracking number.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or call us on 0049 0 176 5569 2096 

Thank you, your TYPEMYKNIFE® team

Emergency? Then give us a call at
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