Zebrano wood An exotic beauty


The zebrano wood grain is fascination in wood

Zebrawood is a fascinating type of wood known for its striking grain and natural beauty. Originally from the tropical regions of West Africa, this wood has gained worldwide recognition for its unique properties and attractive appearance. Zebrano wood has the perfect properties for processing kitchen knife handles. Water-repellent, hard and insensitive to changes in temperature. From furniture and musical instruments to decorative objects, zebrano wood is valued for a wide range of applications. If the wood is also X-cut, i.e. face-sawn, then a particularly striking grain can be discovered.

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Zebrano wood scantling X Cut for knife handles

Fotocredit by Feines Holz Berlin http://www.feinesholz.de/

Appearance and properties of Zebrano wood

What makes zebra wood so special is its striking grain, which is reminiscent of the stripes of a zebra, hence the name.

The basic color of the wood varies from a pale yellow to a strong golden tone, while the dark stripes are a contrasting black-brown. These contrasts give the wood a striking and appealing appearance that clearly distinguishes it from other woods.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, zebrawood is also remarkably hard and dense. It is one of the hardest woods used in furniture manufacturing, making it extremely resistant to scratches and wear.

In addition, it is also naturally weather resistant, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Uses of fine zebrano wood

Due to its beauty and robustness, zebrawood is used in a variety of applications.

In furniture manufacturing, it is often used for table tops, cabinets, and flooring to add a touch of exoticism and elegance.

In addition, it is also used in the manufacture of musical instruments such as guitars and drums, as it offers excellent resonance and sound quality.

Apart from its use in large pieces of furniture, zebrano wood is also prized for smaller decorative items such as cutting boards, jewelry boxes and watch cases. Its unique grain makes each piece one of a kind and gives it a special value.

Zebrano wood An exotic beauty | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 3
Zebrano wood lamella structure

Fotocredit by Feines Holz Berlin http://www.feinesholz.de/


Zebrano wood An exotic beauty

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