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Benjamin Maerz


The Benjamin Maerz knife design by Maerz & March by TYPEMYKNIFE® Benjamin Maerz and his knife design is characterized by a striking tattoo on his forearm. A hexagonal honeycomb structure. An expressive symbol of strength, endurance and a strong castle. The history and future of the gastronomic Maerz family in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Benjamin chose the THE [...]

DICK 1905 Salmon knife with notches 32cm


The kitchen knife series 1905 by F.DICK, uncompromisingly excellent chef’s knife performance . Innovative design for the professional at the stove. The 1905 knife series was launched in the eponymous year with the unmistakable steel rings instead of the previous ones developed rivets. The German knife manufacturer founded in 1778 in Esslingen, Swabia, stands for [...]

Giesser PremiumCut Chefs No.1 Spicy Orange 20 cm


Giesser PremiumCut Spicy Orange Edition is an inspiring barbecue and kitchen knife series. The history of the knife factory began when it was founded in 1776 in a small forge in Winnenden near Stuttgart. Since its inception, the knife factory has been family-owned and developed by the sixth generation. Use of high-quality materials and consistently [...]

KRIS Flammendolch

TYPEMYKNIFE Messermanufaktur

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Goyon Chazeau Le Thiers Ausbeinmesser 13 cm


The kitchen knife series from F1 Carbon by Goyon Chazeau. Finest handicraft with loving attention to detail from a small knife manufacturer from Thiers Auvergne France. The knife manufacturer was founded in 1953 by the couple Chazeau and Goyon and is now family-owned by the third generation. The headquarters of the manufactory is located in [...]

Saladini Collezione Cucina Ham knife Bocote 26 cm


The knives from the Coltelleria Saladini in Scarperia Tuscany Italy, impress with the finest workmanship and unique design. The history of the cutler Saladini goes back to the middle of the 19th century century back. Since 1841, the Saladini family has been producing cutlery for the clergy for the first time in the city of Italian knife [...]

GÜDE Alpha Boning knife 16 cm


Güde kitchen knives are tools for connoisseurs who appreciate exceptional quality, design and innovation. Since the manufactory was founded in 1910 in Solingen, the knives have been forged from a single piece of steel in a die. Ground and honed by hand from the start. Provided with exclusive handles made of various woods. The knife [...]

Goyon- Chazeau Le Thiers Bread knife 22 cm


Goyon Chazeau Le Thiers kitchen knives are fine cooking tools of French elegance. The knife manufacturer Goyon-Chazeau was founded in 1953 by husband and wife Chazeau and Goyon and is now family-owned by the third generation. The headquarters of the manufactory is located in Thiers – La Monnerie and production is carried out there exclusively [...]