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Laser Gravur

The laser engraving on kitchen knives from Typemyknife®

The development of our laser technology was a grueling and very difficult journey that took us almost two years of work. But it was really worth it.

We almost reached our limits in the search for manufacturers. On the one hand, we were declared crazy.

Many were of the opinion that our requirements for a laser system were not can be fulfilled. Too extensive, too complicated, not found in standardized industry processes.

On the other hand, of course, nobody had the idea of creating such large laser engravings that fill the sound.

Even if the manufacturers of the laser systems explored all their possibilities, they only suggested impractical solutions, such as putting images piece by piece, or accepting blurred edges, blurred images.

Many laser companies weren’t ready for a small startup either and adapt their technique to it.

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A fantastic permanent engraving result

After a long, almost hopeless search, we then found specialists who were willing to walk a long development path together with us.

Today we can express our full respect and thanks to the engineers. It’s also great that the support and close contact has continued to this day.

The result is a laser technology developed only for TYPEMYKNIFE® that meets our requirements. All requirements have been fully met.

We can reproduce images and text on a knife blade up to almost 40 cm. Without putting down or moving the knife in a laser process.

The subject is sharp across the entire surface. No blurring at the edges. No enlargement of the image towards the edge.

Our inscription laser creates a deep black laser engraving. It is so fine that it does not create any height differences between the image and the blade. There is no bump when you run your fingers over it.

It is abrasion resistant. In normal everyday kitchen life, the laser engraving is permanent. Acid will only attack the engraving after hours. This cannot happen when cooking and chopping.

It does not stain when cutting fruit and all other foods. Each cut surface remains unchanged.

The heat input is very low. It was particularly important to us that even thin blades such as filleting knives cannot be warped by heat. The knife stays straight. The laser engraving also has no influence on the hardness and sharpness of the knife. Everything remains unchanged.

Those were the basic conditions that we have now been satisfied by our technicians and engineers.

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Large format motifs perfectly engraved on the knife blade.

We now have the capability to laser engrave large format inscription fields onto the blade in perfect jet black.

This is what we always wanted to achieve.

The technical application of laser engraving is the prerequisite for our 3D laser configurator.

Because now that the possibility of large-scale lasering has arisen, our customers can now realize their image ideas and design ideas on a knife blade.

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Design in the 3D configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE

It was an even more difficult and long way to fulfill the second part of our dream.

We wanted to be able to view the result three-dimensionally from all sides of the blade when designing your knife blade.

You can design your desired motif directly on the screen.

Any design becomes possible. Whether finely structured or gridded. This is just as possible as graphic, large black areas. You place the images no matter where, no matter how big. Rotate, mirror no problem.

You can add fonts to it. All sizes of different typefaces and fonts. You can move, rotate and mirror the font.

Once you have designed a page, turn the knife virtually in space.

The Other Side is at your disposal for your creativity and wealth of ideas. Then look at everything you have designed on your knife virtually in space.

If you are satisfied with your work, send us the data. With one click.

Your knife will be laser engraved exactly as designed.

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Images, graphics, motifs, writing, from the gallery or from the endless network.

Motifs, graphics and pictures can be found in a large selection in our gallery. You will find image motifs specially designed for knife blades under six subject headings.

The subject areas relate to cooking and the kitchen. Or they love tattoos. We have a wide selection there too. Driving and flying, animals, or the big themes of love, life and death. Just have a look at our motif gallery.

Each template that you upload directly from the web should be at least one megabyte of data. Or you can find motifs as vector files, SVG. These are also very easy to load into the configurator.

Designing in the TYPEMYKNIFE® configurator is playful. Discover the possibilities. Get creative.

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We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our Hhigh class laser technology permanently in deep black on both sides of the blade.


Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®