The gift idea knives from TYPEMYKNIFE®

Eine Geschenkidee von TYPEMYKNIFE®

TYPEMYKNIFE® knives, the gift idea.

Giving gifts is as nice as receiving gifts. We at TYPEMYKNIFE® have the very best gift idea.


Giving is in our human nature. We want to share joy. We want to say: I thought of you, you are important to me, or even I love you.

The message is simple, but delivering it is more challenging.

With TYPEMYKNIFE®, a loving message can be easily and individually designed and sent to the recipient. In our 3D configurator you can label knife blades and design them individually.


With the Text function, you can write anything that comes to mind on the knife blade in a suitable font. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “I love you” in cursive or “for the best cook” in bold letters.

Whether the message is well received depends on the recipient. Grandma or grandpa, dream woman or heavy metal freak. TYPEMYKNIFE offers templates that you can combine with what you have written.

I love you with roses, heavy metal and motorcycle, for the sixtieth, or the anniversary with a laurel wreath.

If the recipient is a hunter, we offer hunting motifs. If the recipient is a globetrotter, a map is the best choice. You can find all this and much more in our design templates.

The range of graphics and images on the Internet is almost unlimited, you can use these too.

You can upload them using the “Computer” function. You can then resize and place the designs on the blade. Or take your own holiday photos.

All images can be saved as JPEG with a sufficient size from 1MB  upload.

If your decision was spontaneous and doesn’t match what you had in mind, simply delete the draft and start over.

All images can be resized and placed on the blade. You can choose the font and write on the blade in any size and position.

Individual unique piece

You can design your own individual gift for your loved ones. You are giving away a one-off, a one-of-a-kind item that you yourself, with your creative decisions, can see as an individual and original  have created a work of art. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a real guy, your best friend, the greatest mother or a hobby cook… you tailor your gift exactly to the recipient. That remains an unforgettable piece of memory.

The right knife

Selecting the right knife is very important. The knife is, so to speak, the canvas for her painting. At TYPEMYKNIFE we only stock high-quality kitchen knives from the best knife manufacturers in Europe.

Our Manufacturers and Use category in the shop will help you find the right knife for your gift idea. The selection of manufacturers gives you an overview of which German, Italian or French manufacturers are suitable.

Under use you will find the variety of knife types. Sometimes a big hacker is just right for your motif and at the same time the knife that the recipient does not yet have. But it can also be an office knife that can say anything as a small gift.

We will send you, or the lucky one  recipient the knife you designed within fourteen days.

All manufacturers have designed special packaging for their knife types. Depending on the manufacturer, we will ship your knife in an attractive, matching box, case, crate or cover.

Just try our 3D laser engraving configurator. Do you like your design  you can immediately share it with friends, acquaintances and relatives. If the feedback is positive, you can be sure that your gift will be a real hit.

3D representation

Even if you only want to give away a kitchen knife, you can be sure that TYPEMYKNIFE only sells high-quality professional knives.

TYPEMYKNIFE is the only knife shop in the world where you can view and judge your dream knife from all sides.

We also offer a 3D video for each kitchen knife on the website and on the Youtube channel. In this representation, your knife is fully visible in every detail from all directions.

This is the only way to know exactly what the shape, geometry and surface of the knife is like before you order it.


Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®