GÜDE the knives from the blade city of Solingen

Güde die Messer

the high quality standards can be realized permanently.

Dr. Karl Peter Born, Franz’s grandson, took over the management of the knife manufacture in 1983. He consistently continues on the path that his predecessor had taken. Back to the roots.

Small quantities, the highest quality standards. Classic and functional knife shapes. Innovation in function and design.

In 2006, Dr. Karl Peter Born as the sole shareholder of GÜDE Messermanufaktur


The urge to research and the wealth of ideas, paired with the will to innovate and a high level of creative enthusiasm have their consequences. The list of awards and prizes won and awarded is unique for this profession.

The sharpening steel 7006/32 and the large Franz GÜDE chef’s knife received a “Design Plus Prize”.

The smithy received the most renowned German design award, the Red Dot Design Award, three times, for its damask chef’s knife, its Chai-Dao knife and its “Shark” herb knife.

The Alpha series received the coveted “Busse Longlife Design Award”

The knife series The Knife and Synchros are widely praised and richly rewarded. Good Design Award, Iconic Award, Dineus Award, test winner of the year in the ETM test magazine. Manufactory product of the year and much more.

In 2021, the knife manufacturer will be celebrating its 111th anniversary. Hundred and eleven years of craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

The knife series

At TYPEMYKNIFE we have listed the two design hammers “The Knife” and “Synchros” from GÜDE. The The Knife series and the Synchros series are a quantum leap in contemporary knife design.

We also have the series: Alpha, Alpha-Olive and Micarta, classic high-quality kitchen knives with riveted handles.  The Kappa kitchen knives are  all metal knives. Blade and handle are made of the same stainless steel.

TYPEMYKNIFE® 3D engraving configurator

You can design all of the kitchen knives we offer in our shop in our TYPEMYKNIFE 3D configurator. There you can design which motif you would like to have in deep black on the blade. We realize your design using 3D laser engraving.


GÜDE Alpha Olive Kräutermesser Shark 14 cm