Nathi Stupf the rebellious kitchen artist


Nathi Stupf, a virtuoso at the stove. Unconventional, rebellious, honest and, above all, always authentic.

Our interview in the Swiss mountain paradise
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Welcome to the life of Nathi

Nathi Stupf's primal scream and urge for freedom.

There are characters who never rebel, who always move in the cozy warmth of a homely and safe environment. Hanni already developed rebellious and revolutionary characteristics as a pubescent teenager, which were by no means in line with conformist attitudes.

Having just about got through the school of theory with the deep phantom pains of her parents, Nathi discovered the study of nightlife to its fullest. The pull of the moon, the deep black sunless time of day when other laws play a role, had a magical attraction for her. The seed for a non-bourgeois banking career desired by her parents was planted.

Nathi Stupf's crossing of the big pond to the west.
San Antonio Texas is calling

At not even 18 years old, Nathi was blown like flotsam by the wind of freedom over the waves, across the big pond to the west. Nathi wanted to get out to sea and into the surf, into the spray of life.

She ended up at High Scholl in San Antonio, Texas. And right away with her first host family in the marital and educational problems of American suburban neighbourhoods.

She had not booked this ticket for educational experience. After moving to another family, things worked out better. 3 little kids with similar rebellious attitudes were then more to her liking and the environment also suited her.

The fact that you meet punks in America with whom you get on very well is probably also down to your character. There’s no denying the attraction.

Hanging out with this gang in San Antonio was also an interesting experience.

What particularly impressed her in the States was that you have to organise yourself and take an active role. Free enterprise and personal initiative were at the top of the agenda at High Scholl. The fact that sport was not neglected was a given.

After all, it is an important field at American high schools for channelling one’s exuberant feelings and strength. Hanni didn’t want to have to actively integrate because otherwise he would have been an expat and, above all, a Swiss outsider.

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San Antonio Texas
Nathi Stupf the rebellious kitchen artist | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 5
Bernese Oberland Switzerland
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The Emmental Valley

The desired path back home to Switzerland

Immigration laws are evil for freedom. A wall of ignorance that is hard to penetrate and that you as a young person don’t want to understand and yet have to accept. A first blow to the neck that had to be digested.

The plan after the first taste of local air was to do an apprenticeship and then set sail again very quickly with a professional perspective that could also secure a living abroad.

Nathi found it very exciting that her sister was already looking into the pots and cooking her soup. After working for the necessary money in the winter season, Nathi started training to be a chef herself.

She ended up in a classic home-style Swiss kitchen. She wanted to learn everything from scratch. The beating of a wild boar, like all the other technical Swiss culinary skills that have been passed down for generations and are continually experiencing a renaissance. Cooking tweezers were already available back then, but that didn’t appeal to you to stay in one position in the kitchen for ages. She wanted to learn the big picture very quickly, from the ground up.

What then truly steered Nathi’s path in a new direction was, how else would one assume, love of course.

In the last year of her training she met the man of her life. A railway worker. Perfectly suited to Nathi. The Swiss Federal Railways are known for their punctuality and reliability. A counterpoint to Nathi’s personality. Clearly mutual alternating poles attract each other, that has always been one of the secrets to a long-lasting love.

Nathi Stupf's trip into the Canadian wilderness and a love on hold

When Nathi told me that she was actually in love and was still looking for a long way into the distance, I was reminded of my own past. The urge for something new, the journey into the unknown and the unquenchable hunger for new knowledge is sometimes, but not always, a strong impulse to give in to the desire. Oh, what is sweeter than the seductive sin of giving in to temptation. The Adam Eve Eden principle still works excellently in modern times. Canada, an eternal place of longing for European emigrants. What was the Wild West for the states has manifested itself a little more in the wilderness in Canada. Even today, Canada is still a country of infinite size and a very low population density. Encountering a hungry bear may be greater than encountering civilization’s eating habits. After a chance decision, Nathi finally set up in Canmore, a town near Naveen in the Alberta district. An open kitchen with an avant-garde mixture of American and Austrian down-to-earth real cuisine. What do you want in the Canadian province with star cuisine? Here the premises for a good meal are oriented differently. Nathi could have extended her trip to North America without any problems, but her love for her boyfriend couldn’t let her go. The call to return home and perhaps build a future together with Rolf was greater.
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The relaunch of a love at a distance

Anyone who has been separated across the pond for more than a year, at a time when it was not yet possible to constantly tell each other the latest stories from everyday life via a video call, is very curious to see how the heart will react. Nathi certainly saw it as a test to see whether they had a future together again and, as Cupid’s arrow would have it, they hit the bull’s eye. Without going into the tear-jerker genre of the heartache gazettes, this is a beautiful anecdote that inspired us. To story no.2 and your further professional career…


Nathi Stupf the rebellious kitchen artist

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