Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss


Tattoo art for a top chef Nathi Hanni Stupf

The freedom and creativity of an individualist's youth

Born as a small boy in the canton of Spital Schwyz in 1973, the son of a family of innkeepers, his throat stretched wide open towards the sky, Stefan Schranz shouted the light of the world into his soul.

If the unsteady, unadapted life is already reflected in the cradle, then with Stefan. A family that changed its place of residence 7 times in its youth because the father and mother were obsessed with it. They always used dilapidated inns and hotels to breathe new life into it.

A special business model that does not allow for any peace or stability. What could be closer than that the boy made his first vegetable soup at the age of 3. Of course, the bundle was always present in the everyday life of a host family. As soon as Stefan was able to put his curious head into the pots, he was also involved in the family’s work processes and production. Of course, you can only die permanently, even with love, if you develop a soft spot for it.

What we at TYPEMYKNIFE® are always particularly interested in is the story behind the people we are dealing with. The fact that we came to Stefan Schranz through the charming chef Hanni Stupf Nathi is probably due to Nathi’s passion for her body art, tattooing. You can read more details about this in the blog (see link)!

Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1
Stefan Schranz

Development of tattoo art in the early stages

Anyone who constantly changes locations and home base as a teenager because their parents lead anything but a consistent, well-adjusted life develops a certain attitude for the tough life.

What does a Swiss boy do, playing the national sport of ice hockey and the strike team in football?

Stefan says of himself that he was a bit averse to pursuing school ambitions. The stupid learning wasn’t his thing. He was much more fascinated and excited by creative activities and drawing.

When the era of the unpopular school days was finally over, Stefan ended up in the car painting trade. Colorful business, style and expression that fascinated him. The fact that in the 90s his passion included the topic of airbrushing and the individual technicians who made painting a little more interesting really encouraged him even more in creative work. What interested him most were the possibilities To project realistic representations as well as to create fantasy motifs.

Nighltlife & Body art by stefan Schranz

Stefan then let off steam through the disco club and bar scene in German-speaking Switzerland with his next hobby, body painting.

Yes, of course I also asked him whether this wasn’t something in the voyeuristic dirty corner. Yes, of course, it’s a fine line, but if you celebrate it perfectly, it’s body art and anything but the instinctive masculine voyeur.

The fact that Stefan also took part in internal competitions as well as the world championships was a gift!

Of course you can’t make a living from it, it’s a hobby that can be enjoyed excessively on weekends. Night Life always has something interestingly anarchistic about it, apart from a 9 to 5 life.

Sure, he continued to earn his living by painting various 4-wheeled carts.

Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 3
Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 5
Tattoo by Stefan Schranz

The Stefan Schranz Tattoo Studio in Buochs Switzerland

At some point he got it and started drawing with tattoo motifs. Many of the motifs that he had already been able to marvel at simply didn’t trigger him and he then thought, I can implement my interests a little more.

What do you do as a tattoo novice, you get a starter set and some silicone skin to test. When I asked him whether this was always celebrated on pork belly, he had to laugh heartily; that hasn’t happened for a long time. Silicone has also found its way here, as in plastic surgery.

For almost 3 years Stefan only tested on the plastic skin to develop his skills. Until the first day came when he was actually allowed to pierce human living skin. An experience like having sex for the first time, you don’t forget it.

The first real customer – a metaphor about which other professional sectors would also have various stories to report.

If you do good work in this genre, you will be recommended. It’s not like a delicate, exquisite dish that, once eaten, is only in the memory of the senses. What can be seen on the skin no longer disappears so quickly. The fact that his customer base has increased over time throughout Switzerland, as well as Germany, France and Lichtesten stands for clean needle art.

The logical consequence was that we opened our own studio in Buochs ​​on Lake Lucerne. There Stefan was able to further expand his work and style and receive it in his own rooms, which of course creates a more intimate relationship for the customer with his tattoo artist.

Corona Lockdown and the Initial Shot for a New Life.

It may be a coincidence, but from the start of the Corona lockdown in Switzerland on May 16, 2021, Stefan landed in Dubai on the same day.

Place of longing for various influencers and soldiers of fortune. The lure of eternally beautiful weather, plenty of beaches and warm water. It’s a gift that taxes tend to be zero and other living costs are a fraction compared to Switzerland.

It wasn’t yet entirely clear that this trip abroad would change his life. In any case, when he was back in Switzerland he no longer got along so well with the vibes of his compatriots. Despite the renovation of his studio and the desire to step on the gas again after Corona, the whole situation gave him a crack and the idea of ​​moving to Dubai was manifested.

Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 7
Family Schranz
Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 9
The Dubai Dogs

The cut of the Swiss safety anchor and the step into a new life

The decision to leave Switzerland was not quite as naive as we know from various downsizing TV shows.

Stefan earned a little cushion at home that he could count on. Even in Dubai, if you bring cash with you, it’s easier to walk through the desert sand.

The plan was set and he implemented it properly that Stefan would build a new foothold with his tattoo art. This seems to be working quite well so far. It is not surprising that the Muslim faith is only slowly opening up to secular customs in Dubai. His customers for needle art are mostly expats who roam the streets of Dubai as various soldiers of fortune.

Stefan also founded the Art Factory Dubai, where he focuses on his passion for airbrush painting and decorating cars. You can’t let the sand run through your fingers all day and watch the relaxed decline like an hourglass.

That’s not Stefan’s style and we are of course excited to see how his story continues.


Stefan Schranz, Tattoo Art Buochs Swiss

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