The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

A crazy idea, a tattoo knife on steel and skin by Paride Giuri

Unusual and inspiring, a tattoo knife motif on a Santoku blade and skin by top chef Paride Giuri from Zurich.

  1. A crazy idea, a knife tattoo on steel and skin

  2. Paride Giuri the top chef from Zurich as the main character

  3. The development of the blade and tattoo design and the story behind the motifs.

  4. The tattoo studio Gold & Silver Tattoos from Schwäbisch Gmünd brings it to the skin

  5. The aftershow and our future cooperation.

A tattoo knife from TYPEMYKNIFE® for top chef Paride Giuri from Zurich

Marketing a kitchen knife store with a 3D engraving configurator is either a story of fire and iron, classic storytelling of the cutlery industry, or you have various chefs or barbecue enthusiasts, as well as bloggers who act as ambassadors for an online store like TYPEMYKNIFE®.

As we have already worked with various heroes in the kitchen from the star scene, as well as media personalities, we always prefer personal contact.

Of course  what excites us most are the synergies that develop from the personal relationships with our ambassadors.

Such a fantastic relationship and contact then also developed with Paride Giuri. The tip came from our esteemed Meta Hiltebrand, for whom we developed a unique blade design back in summer 2022. (Meta Blog Link setzen)

Admittedly, after the initial idea it was not at all clear whether we would ever find a protagonist who would like the whole thing. 

A tattoo on the blade like on the skin, send di no ganz bacha?  Freely translated from Swabian, Do they still have all their cups in the cupboard?

Yes, our cups are still all there and we were right with our idea. 

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 3

2. Paride Giuri the top chef from Zurich as the main actor

A top chef from Zurich, not entirely unknown in the Swiss gastronomy scene, visits TYPEMYKNIFE®

After all, Paride works for a very innovative gastronomy company, Miteinander GmbH, which operates countless interesting gastronomic units such as the Stall Valär in Davos, as well as young and attractive gastro and food concepts in Zurich.

Paride Giuri is the son of southern Italian seasonal workers and was born in Davos. He also began his interesting career as a chef there in the beautiful and fashionable ski resort.

This path has made him one of the most influential food and gastronomy developers for Miteinander GmbH to this day. Paride is responsible for 5 gastronomic outlets of Miteinander GmbH as executive chef.

A challenging job that comes with a great sense of responsibility. Paride creates food concepts and develops recipes for Miteinander GmbH’s catering companies.

The food concepts are adapted to the respective location, spirit and concept to suit the lifestyle.

It goes without saying that young people in a hip city like Zurich have different preferences to those in sophisticated Davos.

Paride has the flexibility to adapt perfectly to various structures and to adapt his recipes and food concepts to the customer’s taste.

If you would like to find out more about Paride, you are welcome to visit our blog: Paride Giuri a top chef from Zurich.

H-Page Paride Giuri
The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 5

3.the development of the blade and tattoo knife design and the story behind the motifs.

We commissioned Irene Mangieri from Gold & Silver Tattoo Studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd to implement the blade design. Irene and her husband Dario successfully run a very high-quality studio with a high standard of individual design.

This studio is characterized by many years of experience in implementation and graphic design, as well as cooperation with international tattoo artists.

Since a blade always embodies two sides of a coin, or rather of the sharp metal, it is a good idea to use it as a tool. of sharp metal, it stands to reason that you can also laser two sides of a blade with one story.

Paride has chosen a Santoku blade from Coltelleria Saladini Scarperia Firenze 

A large knife with a 21 cm blade and a beautiful olive wood handle with a wonderfully curved handle shape.

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 7

The left blade side of a tattoo knife

Paride is known to have a soft spot for fire. Of course, as a professional chef, the subject of fire is not very far-fetched. So flames must appear on the blade.

A crab as a reminder of his hobby, Italian Mediterranean cuisine. After all, his home in Italy is strongly influenced by Mediterranean fish and seafood.  

And then, of course, the classic linguistic formula Qui Chef should appear. A confirmation that when the chef announces the guests’ orders at the pass, everyone in the team answers Qui Chef. This is understood and registered.

Of course, the chef must then be certain that the work of the individual chefs is working and “on time” when the dishes are called up.

Qui Chef – Yes Chef, more than just a confirmation of an order from the head chef.  Mercy on that post chef who answered Qui Chef and then can’t deliver appropriately when the bull heads for the pass. The novice will not soon forget this.

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 9

The right-hand side of the blade of a tattoo knife

Flames should play a special role here too. Only now the message Fucking Perfect is added in large letters.

What’s Fucking Perfect all about? It goes without saying that work in the kitchen must always be as perfect as possible. Nothing is crueler for the fine dining guest than sloppy and loveless preparation.

However, the 3* star chef Sergio Herman from Holland, about whom a documentary film was made in 2015, has taken this synonym of “it must be fucking perfect” to the extreme. The godfather, role model and source of ideas for the blade design that inspired Paride Giuri.  

Sergio Herman, FUCKING PERFECT is an intense story about perfectionism, ambition and sacrifice. As James M. Barrie wrote in Peter Pan: You can have everything in life if you sacrifice everything else for it.

You can find the story and a short trailer for Sergio Herman at

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 11

4. the Studio Gold & Silver Tattoos from Schwäbisch Gmünd brings it to the skin

In order to finally get the tattoo into the skin and to find a studio that has experience and is pretty cool to have for this action, we came across Irene and Dario Mangieri.

After various searches, we found the quality of their work simply convincing. The fact that the studio is also based in Schwäbisch Gmünd at our TYPEMYKNIFE® headquarters made it all the better.

Convincing Paride to have the blade design engraved into his skin by an unknown tattoo artist was not that easy.

Everyone who owns tattoos has a relationship of trust with their studio. After all, it is difficult to remove the tattoo from the skin.

There are lots of stories about cover ups to clear up the misguided advice or the artistic failure.

What convinced Paride that he was in good hands at this Gold & Silver Tattoo Studio was the reputation and the positive reviews from the guests.

In any case, Paride had a lot of fun that day and was happy with the result.

It was also a surprise for us that he didn’t stop at one tattoo, but had both calves decorated with the left and right blade design.

It was his tattoo artist Irene Mangieri’s idea to decorate the other calf as well. Paride’s spontaneity in agreeing to a second, sweetly painful session was a charming, unplanned change of plan with a first-class result.  

The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 13
The tattoo knife stabs into the skin Paride Giuris | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 15

5. the aftershow and our future collaboration.

Of course, we took a closer look at the artwork on the skin and took a few more shots for the family album.

The fact that we then had dinner together in the evening and put our heads together over a delicious after-show drink until midnight was the perfect end to a successful day.

The outcome was that we will develop a sound design for Stall Valär and Davos.

We look forward to seeing what happens in the future.
Thank you Paride for your visit, next time we’ll be in Zurich or Davos!

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