French kitchen knives from Thiers Auvergne


Finest kitchen knives from France in the TYPEMYKNIFE® Shop

Thiers, the capital of French knife production. The heartbeat of ancient revered manufacturing processes. A tribute to fantastic forged products from small manufactories.  

In our TYPEMYKNIFE shop we offer high-quality knives. We represent the best knife manufacturers in Europe. All knives are handcrafted to the highest quality. The best workmanship, manual deduction and edge retention are guaranteed.

All chef’s knives can be viewed virtually in our 3D configurator. You can design the blade with our motifs.

You can also upload your own images, graphics, designs of any kind. Image and text can be combined. Create an ideal gift for friends, partner or yourself.

With TYPEMYKNIFE, your desired motif will be laser engraved on the blade in deep black.

TYPEMYKNIFE represents the best manufacturers of chef’s knives from Germany, France and Italy.


Fantastic knives from Thiers in Auvergne, the heart of France.

What Solingen is for Germany, Scarperia in Tuscany for Italian knives, the picturesque medieval one is Knife town Thiers in Auvergne for French knife makers. The heart of France, loaded with tradition and history.

We have visited the best knife manufacturers in Thiers and listed the most attractive, traditional handicraft businesses in our shop. We now present a brief overview of the manufactories.

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Coutellerie Chambriard 

Chambriard has a long tradition dating back to the 19th century.

He became known for a very special model of scissors, “le taille prè”. Like most French knife manufacturers, Chambriard is also dedicated to the Laguiole pocket knife.

The typically French, elegant knife shapes are derived from its shape.

The Grand Gourmet series, which we offer in the TYPEMYKNIFE shop, is a wonderful example of the shapely, aesthetic but also powerful French kitchen knives.

Classic in stainless steel and the wooden handles fastened with three rivets. Grand Gourmet is available in the version with deep black ebony handle, or lighter, beautifully grained juniper.

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Claude Dozorme

Claude Dorzorme also has his workshop in Thiers. Blaise Dozorme, a jack of all trades, made the company big in the 20th century.

His personality and entrepreneurial spirit earned him the nickname “The Wolf”, which is still the hallmark of Dozorme knives today. Claude and then Claudine his daughter turned the manufactory into a global company.

In our  TYPEMYKNIFE-Web Shop three series of knives by Claude Dozorme. Haute cuisine in exotic and acryl noir handles and flat cut.

Flat Cut is a real innovation in grip geometry and cutting ergonomics. The handle made of wear-resistant, black plastic is only attached on one side on the right.

This offers advantages in handling. The knife lies surprisingly well and securely in the hand. A novelty. The Haute Cuisine series is also an outstanding kitchen knife that is also suitable for everyday use.

The wooden grip scales, which are straight at the top and semicircular at the bottom, are striking. They are laid in a bed of steel. This protects the wood and creates an excellent, safe  Feel.

This chef’s knife is available in the black plastic version “Acryl” and in the brown Exotic Hardwood variant

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Coutellerie Goyon-Chazeau

The knife manufacture was founded in Thiers in 1953 by the couple Chazeau and Goyon and is now the third Family-owned for generations.

The company belongs, like only the best in their craft, to the brotherhood of knife makers from Thiers.

We have listed two kitchen knife series at TYPEMYKNIFE. The F1 Carbon series and the Le Thiers series in Juniper wood look .

F1 Carbon impresses with its grip material. Here Goyon-Chazeau breaks new ground. The handle scales are made of Kevlar, a carbon fiber composite.

Kevlar is one of the most resilient fiber hybrids that have been developed. The fiber mesh creates dreamlike patterns in the transparent synthetic resin. An eye-catcher. 

The Le Thiers series draws attention to itself. A very long bolster, beautifully grained juniper wood handles with two solid stainless steel rivets.

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Today, Philippe Bournilhas, a direct descendant of the Sabatiers, runs the knife manufacture K-Sabatier in Thiers.

The roots of what is probably the oldest French knife-making dynasty go back to the French Revolution.

And it is precisely to this time of the invention of restaurants and bourgeois kitchens that we owe the knife classic.

The typical French kitchen knife. Narrow, elegant blade, offset hand guard, delicate, tapered bolster. Sturdy handle with three solid rivets. The recipe for the Authentique 1834 Ltd and Olivier knife series.

We carry these two knife series that are so typical of us and so French in the TYPEMYKNIFE shop.

The Authentique 1834 Ltd has been manufactured in this form since the nineteenth century. The handles are now made of POM, a tough, heat-resistant plastic.

Authentic Olivier is the variant with attached handle scales made of olive wood.

The 3D engraving configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE®

All knives that we offer in our shop can be designed in the 3D engraving configurator.

We realize your design by means of engraving and laser technology on the blade.

The motif is worked into the material in a deep black and durable, gentle manner without damaging the surface of the blade steel.

We would be happy to advise you on the production of series or special motifs.  

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®