Knife maker Rödter Aalen and TYPEMYKNIFE®


Messer Rödter Aalen and the TYPEMYKNIFE® cooperation

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® have started a collaboration with Messer Rödter in Aalen.

A great idea

The idea was obvious. Messer Rödter is a shop selling kitchen knives and other cutlery that has been in the city for generations.

We think this is an ideal place to offer customers a whole new way of designing knives. With the professional support of Mr. Roeder, the customer can choose his knife and develop his knife idea in a joint discussion.

Mr. Rödter will be happy to answer technical questions about the type of knife, steel quality and area of application of the kitchen knife.

It guides the customer through the diversity of our range of knives and the extensive design options in the 3D design configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE®

Messer Rödter

Messer Rödter is a real traditional company. Craftsmanship has been practiced here for three generations with the highest standards.

As a master knife maker, Karl Gottlieb Rödter still makes knives by hand. He is the third generation to run the knife shop, which is idyllically located in the middle of Aalen’s old town.

The Rödter company offers its customers  besides advice also sharpening, repairing and restoring knives.

A unique offer

A completely new offer to its audience is the knife design in the 3D configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE.

Many customers want their own dream knife or want to make a very personal gift. In our kitchen knife configurator we offer over three hundred knives from 

From this large range, all knives at Messer Rödter can be designed with expert support. Completely new horizons open up thanks to the possibility of engraving every conceivable motif and text on a knife blade in black.

The knife blade design can be a successful combination of text and templates that we offer. However, you can also upload your own pictures from your cell phone or using other data carriers. family photos pattern tattoos everything is possible.

Mr. Rödter, take your time  to realize their desires. If the knife and blade are designed according to your ideas, send the order to the shop.

TYPEMYKNIFE® immediately sets to work your design in deep black, just as desired, using a laser – Engrave to immortalize your blade.

We will send your knife directly from our location in Schwäbisch Gmünd to your address or you can pick it up from Mr. Rödter in the shop. 


Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®