High-quality kitchen knives “Made in Germany”


High-quality kitchen knives “Made in Germany” in the TYPEMYKNIFE® Shop

In the TYPEMYKNIFE shop you will find high-quality kitchen knives from European knife manufacturers.

With our 3D engraving configurator, we also offer the option of designing the blades of our cutlery.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE engrave your motif in deep black using laser technology on your desired knife. As a gift or as a highlight in your own kitchen.

All kitchen knives in our shop are of the highest quality and handcrafted. We have visited all our knife manufacturers and convinced ourselves of the high quality and the sophisticated craftsmanship.

All of our brand manufacturers have impressed us with the geometry of the blade, balance, design, sharpness by hand and perfect workmanship.

TYPEMYKNIFE represents the best manufacturers of chef’s knives from Germany, France and Italy.

The followingexcellent kitchen knivesbrands from German manufacture can be found in the TYPEMYKNIFE® shop .

Kitchen knife manufacturers from Germany-Solingen at TYPEMYKNIFE®

Our German knife manufacturers include the best traditional companies from the blade city of Solingen.

Burgvogel Olivia Line

Burgvogel Cutlery Solingen Germany

We have the Juglans series and the Oliva series from the knife manufacturer Burgvogel, which operates under the slogan “65 years of honest craftsmanship”. listed.

Burgvogel produces solid, excellent, top-class utility knives. Quality and workmanship leave nothing to be desired.

The Juglans series has noble handles made of hard walnut wood. Olivia is the series with beautiful Mediterranean olive wood.

Felix First Class Wood

Felix Messer Manufaktur from Solingen Germany

Since 1790, Felix has been producing “excellent cutlery from Solingen”. We offer the First Class Wood and Size S Olive series from Felix.

Both types of knives have beautifully grained olive wood as handle material.

With “First Class Wood”, the olive grip scales are seamlessly attached to the strong, continuous tang with three rivets.

With Size S Olive, the shapely handle made of solid wood is firmly connected to the tang and bolster.

High-quality kitchen knives "Made in Germany" | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 5

GÜDE the knives from Solingen, the city of blades

Güde is the epitome of innovative knife series, craftsmanship from Solingen.

We have listed the very special, creatively and functionally outstanding knife series from Güde.

Alpha, Alpha Olive and Alpha Micarta are kitchen knives as they should be. Solid, sturdy, perfect craft. seamlessly riveted handles.

These handle materials are available to choose from, heat-resistant plastic, fine olive wood or wear-resistant micarta.

The Kappa, The Knife and Synchros series are kitchen knife designs that stand out on the knife market.

Kappa because it is one of the few full steel knives. Made entirely of seamless stainless steel.

The Knife is innovation par excellence. New blade geometry, offset handle attachment, improved ergonomics.

Synchros, a marvel of synchronization of hand, knife and cutting motion.

Kitchen knife manufacturers from  Germany-Swabia

Innovation, perfection and solid craftsmanship are hallmarks of Swabian production

Giesser Chefs No 1

Giesser knife – honest, solid Swabian craftsmanship

The renowned knife manufacturer Giesser comes from the Stuttgart area. Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik, Winnenden, that’s the company name. “He makes the really good knives.” 

We at TYPEMYKNIFE can only confirm that. The flagship of his extensive knife series is the Premium Cut series.

Knife swung like a saber. Big as machetes. Delicate like surgical cutlery. The best BBQ knives on the market.

A large chunk of grilled meat easily slices in the face of such blades. We offer the Premium Cut series in two versions. Wooden handle made from thuja, the wonderful dark heartwood of the tree of life.

Spicy- Orange with the plastic handles made by an artist. Unique pieces in shades of orange and black.

DICK 1905 Kochmesser

DICK knife Swabian Manufactory Tradition from Esslingen

The F. Dick company was founded in 1778 in Esslingen. We at TYPEYKNIFE are also “on fire” for what is probably Germany’s oldest and most traditional knife manufacturer. In our shop we have three series of knives to choose from.

1905, Premium Plus and Red Spirit.

1905, the year the knife series was developed. The grip on these solid and robust kitchen knives is impressive. Three steel ferrules make the handle indestructible and give the hand a secure hold.

Premier Plus is one of the best known and most tried and tested kitchen knives. Classic design. Functional. Plastic handle with three rivets. Perfect.

Red Spirit is based on Japanese models in design and blade shape. The handle made of red plastic – the rising sun. Pocketed Blades.

Knife types such as Santoku, Tanto or Chinese chef’s knife. The European answer to the Asian boom.

The 3D engraving configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE®

All knives that we offer in our shop can be designed in the 3D engraving configurator.

We realize your design by means of engraving and laser technology on the blade.

The motif is worked into the material in a deep black and durable, gentle manner without damaging the surface of the blade steel.

We would be happy to advise you on the production of series or special motifs.  

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®