Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

photograpy by Holger Obenaus 

Holger Obenaus  – Kitchen Knife for a Rock Star, Composer, Author and Photographer

A creative jack-of-all-trades and jack-of-all-trades with an untamed power for discovering new horizons.

Holger Obenaus rose to fame in the 90s as the guitarist of the Cologne cult band Zeltinger. Hits like Müngersdorfer Stadion or Asi mit Niwoh are well-known lifestyle songs of their time. 

But he is far more than a musician. A multi-talent and jack-of-all-trades. He is a songwriter, a renowned photographer, chef, author of prose, poetry and cookbooks, passionate hunter and much more.

He spent the late late 70s and early 80s as a young punk guitarist and after his music career became a music producer and songwriter in the Cologne and Düsseldorf music scene.

In the bubbling and fertile environment of the Düsseldorf Art Academy and the Cologne Werkschule, electronic music, German punk & pop and the New German Wave had their origins. Musicians and artists met in relevant establishments in Cologne and Düsseldorf for a creative exchange of ideas and concepts. The boundaries between art and music were fluid.

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 3

This environment and the creative influences of producer icon Conny Plank and artists such as Jürgen Klauke, Gerhard Richter and photographer Boris Becker have had a strong impact on Holger Obenaus to this day.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was one of Germany’s most successful music authors and was honoured with several multi-gold and platinum awards from the German music industry.

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photograpy by Holger Obenaus 

The rock star, musician, composer and songwriter 

Holger wrote the lyrics and composed the music of German pop music hits. He was awarded over 30 gold and platinum records by the German Phonoakademie.

He played as a guitarist in German pop and rock bands like Zeltinger- Band and produced several albums. Holger now lives in the USA and works as a commercial architectural and art photographer. He shoots for several US magazines and produced over 50 covers in 12 years.

In the nineties he composed and wrote lyrics for over 200 songs for German and international artists including Wolfgang PetryAndreas MartinJürgen DrewsBanarooWorlds Apart, Bernhard BrinkMichael MorganMia Julia and Ikke HüftgoldTrademark and Achim Petry.

As a composer and lyricist, Obenaus was involved in four tracks on the album “Alles” by Wolfgang Petry which went quadruple platinum and sold over 2 million units in Germany. He also wrote several tracks for “Die Längste Single der Welt” by Wolfgang Petry, which is one of the 100 most successful singles in German music history.

The album “Everybody” by the British boy group Worlds Apart achieved triple platinum status in France in 1996,on which Holger Obenaus is involved in one track as a lyricist.

After living in California and Florida, Holger Obenaus decided to move to the US altogether in the mid-2000s.

He shifted the spectrum of his artistic activity from music to photography.

Wikipedia news and details about Holger here at this link 


Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 7

photograpy by Holger Obenaus 

The professional photographer for architecture, interior design and food 

After the wild years, music, bands, as a musician songwriter and lyricist, Holger shifted the spectrum of his artistic activity from music to photography.

Holger’s commercial photographic work, his distanced, objectifying, photographic view is strictly based on the objectivity and clean lines of the work of students of the photographic artists Bernd and Hilla Becker and the Düsseldorf School they founded.

Holger now commutes professionally between Charleston, Dallas and Miami and spends his free time either passionately hunting or even more passionately in the kitchen.

He is a staunch advocate of Farm-to-Table and Living off the Land, two culinary trends that continue to completely change food culture in the United States to this day.

If you would like to take a closer look at Holger’s homepage as a photographer and his lifestyle, you are welcome to use this direct link. .

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 9

The knife engraving by TYPEMYKNIFE and its motifs by Holger Obenaus.

We have engraved a whole set of kitchen knives for Holger on the blades.

All six knives in the “Red Spirit” kitchen knife series by F. Dick have been given individual motifs. The motifs are a composition of signs, images and icons that describe Holger’s life.

The motifs are about life and death, nature, forests and hunting. Stations of his life are reflected in his design. Musician, hunter, choice American. But also the ups and downs of his soul life. Skulls, hearts, razor blades, shot glasses, flags, Aztec images and inscriptions also show the geographical location of his work.

The southern states of America. That’s where Holger has his centre of life today. Cuba and many other places in the world now play a major role for the cosmopolitan from Bergisches Land. Texts can be read on the backs of all the kitchen knives Holger has designed himself. Strong, charged texts. Straight from life. Everything that happens to a sensitive, creative and at the same time courageous character. An artist’s life. And material for great literature.

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 11

Music, composition and creative photographic art are joined by sophisticated literature by Holger Obenaus

At present, whenever his other artistic projects give him time, Holger Obenaus is working on a cookbook in which he combines local cuisine between the southern states and Central America with his prose.

He cooks according to the fusion principle of the music world. Influences from different countries and regions mix together. Syntheses are created. Meat from the turkey in the classic, very spicy chilli. Roulade made from the meat of an American white-tailed deer.

In between, homemade pesto. Central American and Texan sauces. Moles of all varieties. As a hunter, cook and book author, he is a proven expert on meat and its preparation, whether grilled, roasted or braised. We are looking forward to his upcoming cookbook.

In the kitchen, Holger Obenaus works with kitchen knives designed by him and realised by TYPEMYKNIFE®. We are sure that one or the other of these masterpieces will be seen in the coming publications.

All knives are from the Red Spirit series by the knife manufacturer Dick from Deizisau. Available in our shop under this link and all loadable in the 3D engraving configurator for your personal design. 

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 13

photograpy by Holger Obenaus 

Rockstar Holger Obenaus Musician Composer & Photographer | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 15

photograpy by Holger Obenaus 


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