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Sven Ritzmann – cooking, character and passion.

Swabian lifestyle is actually anything but the personified personality of Sven Ritzmann. If you don’t ask a Southern German what makes a Swabian, then it’s virtues like hard work, diligence and saving for the house. Sven combines these attributes with a good pinch of individualism and creates his own cosmos.    

His childhood was anything but easy, rebellious and striving for freedom, not adapted and often in conflict with the demands of a school in the Swabian province.

These experiences have shaped his life so far and made him the personality he is today.

Early on he found himself at the stove with his mother and discovered that cooking could become his true passion. Immediately after school he began his apprenticeship in a starred restaurant in Geradstetten near Schorndorf, then Träuble.

The experience of deprived work made him flee to Mallorca immediately after his training. The island was tempting, but even in winter the season comes to an end there and a new plan was needed. Switzerland had called him. He spent several years there and on his return to Swabia he ended up in the state capital Stuttgart.

Not far from his youth and your memories. In Stuttgart, he began working as a chef de partie in the plenary session of the state parliament with Mr. Aspacher, who had a significant influence on him  and to this day he says it was one of the most influential times he experienced in his younger years.

Sven Ritzmann is a passionate cook with a big heart and an unbridled desire for humor and friendliness when dealing with his colleagues. You can see that in his social media profiles and the fun he has with his colleagues in the kitchen.

The love for his job and the joy of putting a smile on other people’s faces when they dine on his dishes is what drives him the most.

He says of himself that as a chef he will never stop discovering new flavors and recipes. Unbridled passion and the desire for more experience are his unbridled driving force.

Meeting a character like that was obviously a personal joy for us. We really wanted to develop a blade design made by TYPEMYKNIFE® for him.

We met him at Café Lumen in Stuttgart, where he is currently writing the menu. From the stories we have developed a personal design for him.

The left side of the blade shows a melange of his person, his dishes, the Stuttgart TV tower and a chef taming an octopus.

On the right side of the blade, a female cooking goddess dominates, holding a knife in her hand. Her long legs are wrapped in delicate spring roses and emphasize the feminine, sensual attitude of a strong woman.

Sven chose a Santoku knife with a scalloped edge and a beautiful olive wood handle from the venerable Knife manufacturer FELIX from Solingen. The knife from the First Class Wood series is the best Solingen handwork and represents a company that has been producing the finest kitchen knives in Solingen since 1790.

When handing over the knife, Sven told us a little personal secret. After all, the Manufactory Felix was the first knife that his father gave him as a young apprentice cook. A beautiful story and a venerable keepsake.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE ® were particularly pleased to develop a unique blade design together with Sven and look forward to many years of cooperation and further exciting creative inspiration with him.

TYPEMYKNIFE® February 2022

Sven Ritzmann Stuttgart


Felix First Class Wood Santoku Kulle 18 cm - TYPEMYKNIFE®