Chambriard kitchen knives from Thiers

Magasin Coutellerie Chambriard

The knife manufacturer Chambriard

A visit to Thiers, in the heart of France

The first visit to the knife manufacturers in Thiers, the city of French knifemakers, led us to the renowned knife manufacturer Coutellerie Chambriard.

You reside with shop and workshop in the middle of the medieval old town of Thiers in Auvergne.

Thiers has a long tradition as a knife town. This is where water power came together through the thundering white water of the Durolle river, iron and manpower.

Today, the knife manufacturers are lined up along the Durolle like pearls on a string of pearls. In the streets of the old town, on the other hand, you will find knife shops in many places.

In between, a unique museum presenting the history of knife making in Thiers.< /p>

The Chambriard shop is a magnet for the many tourists who make the pilgrimage to Thiers, mostly during the summer holidays.

Many are looking for their very own Laguiole pocket knife. Chambriard welcomes its customers seven days a week. The most important holidays are sometimes closed.

The Magasin: The Coutellerie brings together everything you can offer in terms of high-quality cutlery. Of course we were interested in kitchen knife series for TYPEMYKNIFE.

Chambriard produces its Grand Gourmet range in its own workshop. Fantastic very French kitchen knives. We were immediately enthusiastic.


The knife workshop became known in 1880 for the production of a very special pair of scissors “Le taille prè”.

After the First World War, the manufactory no longer exists and the descendant of Jules Chambriard  collects experience in various workshops in which mainly the famous Laguiole pocket knife  is manufactured.

Jules’ son, André, founded a small factory in 1952 in la Montférie, a suburb of Thiers.

Instead of pocket knives, André focuses on the development of table cutlery and utility knives. He also achieved great international recognition for the production of monobloc knives.

The company expands with the growing popularity of its kitchen knives. André expands his production in Celles sur Durolles, in the mountains of Thiers.

In 1980 the brothers  A cutlery and cutlery shop in the heart of the old town of Thiers. In addition to the classic Laguiole pocket knives, the knife workshop also produces utility knives. 

His kitchen knife series Le Grand Gourmet is one of the best kitchen knives in France.

La Confrérie du Couteau Le Thiers

The Chambriard brothers are among the co-founders and are still the engines and driving force of the “Brotherhood of the Messer Le Thiers”.

The community of knife makers in Thiers was founded in 1993. Its purpose is to promote and protect the Thiers knives name brand.

The brotherhood attaches great importance to changing the image of a pure pocket knife production in favor of kitchen knife production.

All knives that meet the Brotherhood’s standards are listed in a catalogue. The T. sign has become a trademark for Le Thiers.

The Confrérie du Couteau also organizes international knife and cutlery fairs such as “Cutellia” to support the regional knife manufacturers and to further spread their brand and their credo.

Chambriard kitchen knives

The shape

When we visited the cutlery shop, we immediately noticed the beautiful series of kitchen knives.  

Typically French, a combination of power and elegance. Blade and back follow a balanced swing.

Even the bolster offers a correspondingly shapely curve in connection with the handle scales. Nowhere angular or misshapen…

At the same time, the knives radiate strength and hardness. The Chambriard family handcrafts all of their knife series in their own workshop.

These high-quality kitchen knives come with a five-year guarantee.

The material

The blade of these so French knives is surprisingly made of a German CMV steel from Thyssen. This is a very high quality stainless steel.

It can be precisely laser-cut, ground and extrem harden. The blades achieve a hardness of 56 HRC. The bolster is seamlessly attached to the perfectly ground blade in two parts using a special welding process.

The continuous spine bears the trademark T. as a sign of quality. Three rivets, as is usual with classic French kitchen knives, hold the wooden handle scales on the knife blade.

We will write more about the beautiful knives from Coutellerie Chambriard in another blog post.

All knives from Chambriard’s Grand Gourmet series are listed in our TYPEMYKNIFE shop.

The knives can be designed in our 3D configurator and the blade can be laser engraved in black.’s-knife-juniper-16-cm-kulle/


Chambriard Le Thiers Grand Gourmet Kochmesser Wacholder 16 cm Kulle