GÜDE and the knives of the Alpha series

GÜDE and the knives of the Alpha series | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

GÜDE Manufaktur knives are bewitching creations

GÜDE is one of the most innovative knife manufacturers in the world.

When we visited the cutlery in Solingen, the city of blades, we were impressed by the elegance. At the same time completely fascinated by the power combined in a kitchen knife.

In the show room of Dr. Born, who has been running the company since the 1980s, lined up a series of beguiling knife creations. Breadsaws long and powerful, sharp as a chainsaw.

Knives like battleships that effortlessly part the waves. Sabers and blades like those from distant continents that have finally returned to European cuisine.

We absolutely had to offer these exceptional knives in terms of quality and design from GÜDE Manufaktur in our TYPEMYKNIFE® shop.


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The knives from GÜDE

The traditional Solingen brand has stood for the combination of craftsmanship and innovative design for four generations.

All knives that are manufactured and that we offer at TYPEMYKNIFE are made from a single piece of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel.

In the drop forging process, the steel blanks are formed three times and then painstakingly ice-hardened in two passes.

Up to fifty processing steps are necessary before a kitchen knife is finished. The blades are mostly finished by hand.

Machines are only used where they can still improve the desired quality. The limitation to small quantities by hand makes it possible to meet the high quality standards.

The manufactory attaches just as much importance to the functionality of its products as well as to its extraordinary design.

As soon as you have a knife in your hand, it impresses with its balance. Due to the excellent balance, even massive knives can be easily guided.

Since all kitchen knives are ground and sharpened by hand, they glide through the food that is being cut that much easier.

You have thought through the handling and function of your knives very carefully. The proportion is perfectly balanced.

The strong bolster between the handle and the blade acts as a fulcrum when cutting. At the same time, the massive bolster gives the hand support while working and prevents the fingers from slipping.

The knife steel runs through the handle to end in a handguard. The weight of the massive tang increases the balance of the knife and makes it easy to hold and comfortable to hold. This enables precise and fatigue-free work.

The serrated edge for bread knives

GÜDE is the inventor of the serrated edge. In 1931 he launched the first bread knife with rear serrations.

Then this cut becomes the most common serrated cut worldwide. In 1941 the company invented the serrated edge with pointed teeth. The bread knife is developed into an efficient bread saw. 

Its development increases the cutting ability and edge retention of the bread knife. Ever since the company was founded in 1910, it has been interested in the further development of cutting edges. They are more than sharp. They are better, whether shaft, saw, Kulle, or hole.

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The variations of the Alpha knife series

We have listed several kitchen knife series from GÜDE Schmiede in our Shop von TYPEMYKNIFE. Specifically in this blog post we go into the variations of the Alpha series that we have listed at TYPEMYKNIFE®.

Alpha the base evolution

The knives in the Alpha series are classic and robust kitchen knives. It is made in over thirty manual operations.

The components are perfectly put together to create a kitchen-ready work knife. A strong, robust blade made of proven chrome molybdenum vanadium steel.

Stainless. Drop-forged in one piece. Elaborately hardened. Polished by hand. The crop is flat and massive. This contributes to safe handling.

It prevents fingers from slipping in the kitchen insert. Everything in the Alpha series is designed for long-term use in the kitchen.

The handle is made of HACCP-compliant Hostaform plastic. This black plastic is heat-resistant and stable and particularly hygienic thanks to the seamless injection molding onto the steel.

The end of the handle is again made of solid steel. This increases the durability of the handle.

The extra weight in the handle is needed to balance the knife against its heavy blade. So the knife lies light and safe in the hand. This guarantees a superior, precise cut in all layers.

GÜDE and the knives of the Alpha series | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

Alpha Olive and the precious wood

The Alpha Olive series differs from the Alpha series in the selected handle material. As the name suggests, these knives from the Alpha series use olive wood in the handle.

Olive wood is very aesthetic, with its warm colors and graceful grain. It brings something Mediterranean and sunny into the kitchen.

Olive is also a very robust wood suitable for kitchens.

The wood used in the handles is mostly from trees  which are more than five hundred years old and no longer bear fruit. They are the raw material for the knife handles.

Due to its hardness and oil content, olive wood is stable and water-repellent. Ideal for use in cooking. Wood is a natural product, it needs care.

Oil the completely dry handle every now and then, thinly with olive oil.  Polish. In this way, the beauty of the wood is permanently preserved.


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Alpha Micarta robust and colourful.

The Micarta series also differs from the other Alpha kitchen knives due to the special handle material.

General Electric originally introduced the brand name Micarta for a resin-impregnated fiber material.

Today it generally refers to a composite of absorbent carrier materials with plastic.

Linen or wood is usually layered, pressed and impregnated with resin. This results in a light, very robust material.

Micarta was first used in military knives called Combat, or Tactical Knives.

Beneficial because the material is wear-resistant and can withstand the humidity and temperatures of the jungle.

It is precisely these properties that also make it the ideal material for use in the kitchen. In addition, there is a high level of aesthetics.

The rounded sides of the handle expose the individual layers of micarta. This creates a grain like that of wood.

If the individual layers are colored, wonderful structures appear. The Micarta Series

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Alpha Kappa all-steel design

The Kappa series stands for an all-steel knife. This series of knives has the great advantage that there are no gaps anywhere.

All parts are seamlessly welded. However, water can penetrate into the form fit of handle materials such as wood or plastic.

Each joint makes a knife more vulnerable in terms of hygiene. Not so with all-steel knives.

All knives in the Kappa series are made of the same stainless steel throughout.

The blade is drop-forged, hardened, ground by hand and finely honed. 

The heavier steel handle scales balance the massive blade perfectly.

Here edge retention, hardness, balance, seamlessness and perfect handling are combined in one knife.

We can unreservedly recommend the manufacturer’s professional knives. For the professional as well as the ambitious hobby cook.

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The TYPEMYKNIFE ® 3D engraving configurator 

All GÜDE models can be viewed in our 3D engraving configurator.

Load your desired knife as a 3D model into the configurator and view the knife from all sides. Design your knife according to your wishes or use templates from our gallery.

Take a look at the short tutorial below. 

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®

GÜDE die Messer aus der Klingenstadt Solingen