Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

TYPEMYKNIFE® develops a kitchen knife design for star chef Andreas Widmann

A personal design developed by TYPEMYKNIFE® for the sharp blades in the cooking workshop of star chef Andreas Widmann< /p>

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

Star chefs and their personal kitchen knife designs.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® develop individual blade designs for kitchen knives.

A personalized design on a kitchen knife is the creative strength of TYPEMYKNIFE®

Personal, individual design always depends on the customer. The range of wishes is almost endless. Of course, not every taste is the same as someone else’s.

We are specialists in knowing what looks good on the blade of a kitchen knife and gives you a lasting marketing effect.

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The story behind the design of the kitchen knife for Andreas Widmann

We met Andreas Widmann for the first time in spring 2022 and talked about a possible project.

Andi liked the idea of developing an individual knife design for his house.

The wish was that we equip kitchen knives with his own design for his cooking workshop and cooking school in order to support the Widmann Corporate ID.

An order for the processing of special steak knives for his beer garden was also under discussion.

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

The development of the blade design from Widmanns`s Alb.leben

When Andreas Widmann and his wife Anna took over the house from their parents in 2017, the idea was to use a new corporate ID to fill the future of the lion from Zang with new content.

The result is 3 icons that represent the philosophy of the company and the kitchen style.

Deeply rooted in the region and good friends with local producers of exquisite food, it was clear what kind of message should be conveyed.

Since the lion in Zang also originated from farming, the cow’s head is the first strong symbol. For every farmer, cows and pigs in the barn were an important factor in meat and milk production.

They are a testimony to the wealth and success of rural agriculture. Breeders used to proudly nail their medals to the stable door to draw attention to their successes.

Agriculture and animal husbandry, these are the agricultural strengths of the Swabian East Alb.

This is accompanied by an ear of corn, the symbol of fertility, in wheat, spelled and barley cultivation on the gently rolling fields of the Alb.

Of course, all these good spirits must also appear on a plate.

The third icon, a plate with cutlery. For an excellent cook, the perfect symbolism to express what is particularly important to Andreas Widmann and has shaped his life.

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 10

A blade always has 2 sides, the individual kitchen knife design by TYPEMYKNIFE®.

What appears on the right side of the blade reflects the beautiful landscape and its prominent fruits.

The Swabian Alb is criss-crossed by juniper heaths. They are mostly steep slopes that are difficult to farm agriculturally and on which beautiful wild juniper bushes grow.

Juniper as a spice and as a basis for brandies should of course appear on the blade. A juniper bush.

Since the region is also very rich in fruit trees, the mild climate in summer on the south side of the Albtrauf favors the cultivation, countless trees grow with all kinds of fruits that want to be processed in a kitchen. Another icon, apples, pears and quinces.    

The rediscovery of the Alb lentils and the further cultivation for the original Swabian dish in general, the lentils, string sausage and spaetzle should not be missing on the Andreas Widmann blade.

We drew all of this into the perfect shape so that it looks good on the kitchen knife blades by Andreas Widmann.

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

The Giesser knife factory, TYPEMYKNIFE® and Andreas Widmann`s cooking workshop

We realized the whole thing with the Giesser knife factory from Winnenden.

A Swabian blade manufacturer who, like the Widmann family, can look back on an eventful family history dating back to the founding year of 1776.

Two families who have transformed their values for high-quality products made in Swabia into the 21st century.

The blades are from the Best Cut Olive series from Giesser. Forged steel and handcrafted handle fittings made of olive wood. Hand sanded and finely honed.

For the cooking workshop and cooking school we have a chef’s knife with a 20 cm blade, in a bread knife with a 20 blade, a filleting knife with a flexible 18 cm blade and a paring knife with a 10 cm blade.

On the left side of the blade Widmanns`s Alb.leben, the 3 icons and the Giesser logo. On the right is the still life of the fruits of the Alb.

The knives can be bought in our shop as a single product or as a sharp knife set.


Find it in the shop of Andreas Widmanns Alb.leben on his homepage You will certainly also combine one or the other kitchen knife in a package with typical products.

Star chef Andreas Widmann and his kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 14

Laser technology from TYPEMYKNIFE®

We are the most innovative laser marking company for kitchen knife blades.

We are the only ones with the ability to laser large-format surfaces. The motif does not have to be measured again and adjusted to the position of the other labeling field.

This procedure reduces the error tolerance to almost zero. No offset, no sources of error. With our technology, we can label, mark and graphically process blades up to 40 cm long in one processing and measuring step in the best quality, deep black and permanently.

We measure the height differences of the individual points of a blade. Concavely ground geometries require a perfect measurement so that the light beam achieves the desired perfect result in terms of depth and the size of its light point.

We have perfected this technique down to the last detail and can guarantee this from the back of the knife to the cutting edge. A blade can be laser engraved over its entire surface.

Nothing stands in the way of your creativity. You can choose a chef’s knife from our range and label it, on both sides or whichever side of the blade you want.

All this in a unique 3D engraving configurator that makes your chosen kitchen knife appear as if it were in a reality world, ready for editing.

Watch the tutorial or start directly with your first design artwork on a kitchen knife.

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®

Küchenmesser für Andreas Widmanns Kochwerkstatt