The mineral water Teinach knife design

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A unique knife design for the Mineralbrunnen Teinach 

The combination of the dense forests of the Black Forest and the clear, mystical-looking water gives this region a fascinating aura that is often perceived as mysterious and inspiring.

1. The Night of the Stars Stuttgart and our acquaintance with the Teinacher Crew
2. Development of the knife design, new techniques in the laser process for the Teinacher knife design
3. Heritage and responsibility, The history of Mineralbrunnen Teinach
4. Water as a building block of our life indispensable


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1. The Night of the Stars Stuttgart 2022 and our getting to know the Teinacher Crew

The Night of the Stars Stuttgart, a top-class meeting of the best top chefs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A who’s who of pot and pan virtuosos.

We had developed a special knife design for Rolf Straubinger of Burg Staufeneck. It was a special pleasure for us that Straubinger subsequently invited us to the Night of the Stars.

Rolf Straubinger is very well connected in the culinary scene and, with the Allgemeine Hotel- und Gaststättenzeitung, has been the organiser of this high-profile industry meeting as a caterer since its inception.

It goes without saying that Burg Staufeneck will present itself on this evening with a catering that is second to none. Hardly any event has more professionals sitting in the hall than the Night of the Stars. Stars alias star chefs from 1 to 3 stars were represented by everything that had been awarded by the most important gourmet guides Michelin, Gusto and Gault & Millau.

If for exquisite food and excellent sparkling pleasures, also the suitable counterpart of water may not be missing, the Teinacher mineral water is not far from the scene.

For us at TYPEMYKNIFE® as exhibitors at the Nacht der Sterne Stuttgart 2022, the refreshing water came just in time. We also personally liked the taste of the pleasure lemonades and they saved us through the night.

As a committed sponsor, Mineralbrunnen Teinach is very well represented in the gastronomy and hotel industry with its mineral waters. The mineral water and lemonade specialist is also involved in youth training in the DEHOGA and other gastronomic associations to promote young talent and the culinary legacy.

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2. Development of the knife design, new techniques in the laser process for the Teinacher knife

Simply explained, it is a combination of two laser techniques, engraving and tempering.

In engraving, material is removed from the surface of the steel by means of a laser beam. The ablation takes place in the 100th millimetre range. The area then becomes lighter in colour when viewed.

With laser inscription, the steel surface is oxidised by means of a laser and thus receives its characteristic black colouring.

For the Teinacher knife motif, we were inspired by the silhouette of a forest, which we have engraved in 3 different laser processes – brightness levels, so that a colour perspective and a 3D effect are created. The knife changes its colour depending on the viewing and light angle.

On top of the forest we covered the logo of the Teinacher Mineralbrunnen with its sycamore maple leaf.

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3. Heritage and responsibility, the history of Mineralquellen Teinach

The history of Mineralquellen Teinach and your story begins with the early Middle Ages.

Clean drinking water was something very special even in the Middle Ages. Were but hygienic conditions and lack of sewerage responsible for several epidemics throughout Europe with significant losses of people.

Who deals with the architectural history of urban development, knows that flowing clean water from pipes was by no means a matter of course. Either people siphoned off groundwater via wells or obtained their fresh water from wells in the urban area.

Water as we know it today, freshly prepared and purified from the tap, was not available from the tap 100 years ago.

The first documented mention of the springs for Teinach mineral water was as early as 1300 as Sauerbrunnen.

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4. Water as a building block of our life indispensable

The mineral water as the starting product of the success story.
Clean healthy mineral water is and remains the most important food. In the 19th century, Robert Koch discovered the bacterial contamination of all surfaces with germs. The beginning of the hygienic revolution and the prevention of many diseases.

The fact that contaminated drinking water was largely responsible for diseases and still is today in remote areas of the world illustrates all the more the respect for clean water.

Europe, too, was not exactly a place of environmentally conscious living until the mid-1970s. Since then, much has improved thanks to changes and the expansion of many sewage treatment plants and the sensitised behaviour of consumers and environmentalists.

Rivers and lakes have in part regained drinking water quality, which positively benefits the groundwater – and the water cycle.

What is a spring worth, if not the best drinking water quality with minerals bubbles out of the ground.

The water quality of the groundwater is of great importance.

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