AL DENTE the KOCHCAST of different protagonists characters.

No, not an advertisement for toothpaste with a firm apple bite, but the most innovative KOCHCAST the guild has to offer south of the white sausage equator. 

If the protagonists weren’t so different, they would have to be put together in a talent show. Is one a gifted artist in  the use of the mouth and lives out this talent playfully on the microphone.

Unfortunately, she has no idea what to do with a filleting knife.

There is the other main character, who is a professional chef par excellence. An ambitious player of the keyboard of the pots. Committed inventor and connoisseur.

Never satisfied with what has been achieved, always looking for new worlds of taste. The right counterpart to loose tongues.

Let’s take a closer look at the main cast.

Nina Carissima Schönrock, the tamer of the loose tongue.

The nimble mouth and the fight against the amino acids of various chimpanzees.

A chatterbox before the Lord God. Exactly the right counterpart to have a chef under control.

Nina, as a small child, worked her way into the hearts of her listeners with countless stories. If the communicative gene pool was already inseparable with breast milk, then you just go to the radio. The boards of this world in the studio as well as at parties as a presenter are your home.

Nina has seen countless studios from the inside. One may be a little more sexy than the other. Regardless, moderation is required, Nina is there. She talks her way through the world creatively and works on the latest projects that she enjoys.

Whether this is the production of audio books, as is currently the case, or working in various podcasts. Celebrating language as a medium of communication is her passion. 

Al Dente the COOK CAST and TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 2

Kevin Kecskes, a virtuoso between pots and digital communication.

To call Brandenburg the El Dorado of fine cuisine is presumptuous.

What else can an ambitious pan virtuoso do better than to move to the south of the republic as quickly as possible and bring his skills to the right connoisseurs.

Stays in Champagne and tasting the great art of cooking have shaped him.

The seed of rooting was planted in Munich. Countless stoves used and the madness of an á la carte kitchen extensively resisted.

Kevin now works for the Kuffler Group and is the head chef at the 5*Hotel Munich Palace.< /p>

Al Dente the COOK CAST and TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

What the hell is so special about the KOCHCAST BISSFEST?

On the one hand, there are the actors, crazy enough to come out in their non-existent core competencies of the counterpart.

If you want to understand something about cooking, you absolutely have to do this program. It’s not for nothing that Kevin says that even the most inept person is able to jump over his shadow and celebrate more than just operating the can opener.  

Being uncomplicated, honest, direct and above all live on demand, that is the quintessence of BISSFEST the KOCHCAST.

The KochCast takes you on a journey to approach the subject yourself and how to cook well, without any reservations.

The joke and the fun in the matter are always in the foreground. Everything can and nothing has to. With Nina as moderator of the Management of Disaster, the necessary points of entertainment are extensively provided.

What a wonderful prerequisite to throw something completely in the bin when, instead of a crispy golden-brown cake base, it has become the Edition Black Pizza.

Off to the stove and don’t be afraid of your own mistakes. Step into the world of your ailments at the stove.

Be amazed by your unbelievable abilities. We are convinced that it can be more than a black night.

Kevin Kecskes Messer


Is it art or can it go away? A not unjustified question.
Especially when the guys from TYPEMYKNIFE go mad in a not dissimilar constellation.

The development of a 3D configurator for kitchen knives.

When output is combined with vision and reality, an ominous, positive alliance of sheer creativity can develop.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® appreciate the joy and unbridled creativity of the main actors of BISSFEST.

Of course we had to get involved to add our mustard to a knife for Kevin .

Who knows what may develop from this in the near future. A cooking pot for further madness is certainly already prepared.

May I be forgiven for the loose tongue of the author of this report. Oh no, on the contrary, I think like Edith Piaf. There is nothing to regret.