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TYPEMYKNIFE & Grillworld

TYPEMYKNIFE® and the cooperation with

TYPEMYKNIFE® has started a cooperation with the BBQ equipment specialist

The Christ family has been running the oldest specialist grill shop in Germany very successfully since 1999.

With almost 4000 items at two locations in Schorndorf and Schwäbisch Hall, can fulfill all the wishes of the ambitious barbecue fan.

The family-run company attaches great importance to individual advice and service and lives this philosophy excellently. successfully operates an associated online shop and has opened a grill school in Urbach/Schorndorf since 2005. The first Württemberg barbecue school to be very proud of.

The family business has been active in the German BBQ Association for years and is involved nationally in the further development of the association.

The grill school from

The grill school offers a wide variety of courses with different focuses.

It goes from moonshine BBQ to Mediterranean grilling, Swabian specialties from Ällem Ebbes, fish and seafood to vegetarian BBQ.

A comprehensive and interesting range of social barbecue courses with interesting technical added value.

The barbecue courses are supported by an excellent team. Cooks, winegrowers, brewers and butchers pass on their secrets for a perfect BBQ to the interested public.

The cooperation of TYPEMYKNIFE® &

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® have now started a cooperation as the exclusive kitchen knife supplier with

We are thus supplementing the range of BBQ specialists with our kitchen knives from 11 different European manufacturers.

The BBQ fan can now choose his kitchen knives for the barbecue pleasure directly via the Grillworld homepage in the TYPEMYKNIFE® shop, design them individually and order them directly from TYPEMYKNIFE® as a partner. TYPEMYKNIFE® thus covers the entire process from advice to delivery in the field of kitchen knives.

After all, TYPEMYKNIFE® offers a comprehensive range of the best European knife manufacturers.

These knives can all be engraved in a 3D configurator with an individual design on the blades on both sides be personalised.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® are happy to support Grillworld customers in advising them on their design requirements.

The display of TYPEMYNIFE®

In the grill school in Schorndorf there is now an interesting display on the wall, in which we have provided various knives and hatchets/choppers with blade designs.

The blades can be viewed from both sides and have different laser designs to showcase the breadth of capabilities of TYPEMYKNIFE® laser technology.

We look forward to many years of successful cooperation with and promise to provide you with competent support in all matters. 


3D Laser Gravur für Messer by TYPEMYKNIFE®

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®