The Giesser PremiumCut knife manufactory

Die Giesser PremiumCut Messer Manufaktur


Our visit to the Johannes Giesser Messer Manufaktur  in autumn 2021 and diving into the secrets of manufacturing the PremiumCut knife series

One of the first knife manufacturers we visited was the Giesser company in Winnenden, Swabia.

We were registered and immediately welcomed warmly by Mr. Giesser and Mr. Aderhold, who is responsible for sales. During our lively conversation, we quickly realized that we are not the only enthusiastic fans of the Giesser knife series. In return, the Giesser people were also very impressed and fascinated by TYPEMYKNIFE and our 3D engraving configurator, with the help of which it was possible to design kitchen knife blades over the entire surface and on both sides. We talked shop about laser technology, which is essential for our work and has also found its way into many areas in the bull market. Foundry a young, innovative company. At the same time, Mr. Giesser, who runs the company with his brother, looks back on a long family tradition.


The Giesser success story begins in 1776 in a small cutlery in Winnenden near Stuttgart. By the 1980s, Giesser Messer had developed into a global player. To date, sales have increased sevenfold. The whole time as a family business.

The quality knives from Winnenden are at home in all areas where edge retention, hygiene durability and ergonomics are required. These are butchers, restaurateurs, top chefs and everyone who has the best hobby in the world, leisure cooks.

The foundry spirit

We have noticed that there is a certain spirit in the Giesser house. Ideals that we have also taken up with TYPEMYKNIFE.  The belief in a great product made from high-quality materials, the pursuit of reliable workmanship and the passion for further development. Keep getting better and above all for the customer.

After the conversation at the round table, overlooking the lovely landscape on the edge of the Swabian Forest between Buchenbach and Zipfelbach, we were allowed to visit the production with Sven Aderhold.

Premium Cut

The approximately 130 employees not only produce knives for the meat industry.  The focus and passion lies in the production of very special cooking and BBQ knives. The curved, heavy blades are unusual and innovative. Particularly unique are the handle materials, which are exclusively manufactured by Giesser. The Premium Cut series not only inspires us as knife engravers. It arouses emotions in star chefs, meat sommeliers and professional grillers.

We have listed this special knife series at TYPEMYKNIFE. These knives are eye-catchers. Powerful with a lot of momentum. Large areas. Ideal for laser engraving full-surface patterns. At TYPEMYKNIFE we have listed the two series PremiumCut Spicy Orange, an acrylic handle with an extraordinary play of colours, and the series PremiumCut Thuja, shapely root wood from the Thuja tree. More on that in another blog post.


What Mr. Aderhold brought us closer to is a completely different aspect of such a large knife manufacturer. Sustainability. Giesser thinks ahead. What does the industrial future look like. How safe is our commodity market. How much water and energy do we use. What can be recycled. Giesser relies on recycling.  Resource-saving production processes. In this way, the steel waste in production is completely recycled. They are melted down and recycled. The colorful plastic leftovers from handle production are also recycled. They are the black plastic  mixed in, in which they can no longer be seen after processing into the handle. At Giesser we are already thinking about recycling and taking back used knives.

The staff

The special Giesser spirit is also evident in the factory halls. We talked to employees and were allowed to photograph everything. Said hello here and there. As if we had already become part of this Giesser family. Giesser also attaches great importance to loyalty and fairness when it comes to employee management. “Whenever possible, we take on each of our trainees and guarantee a permanent position stable and good working conditions in the Giesser family” says Mr. Aderhold.


It was time to say goodbye. We left with good pictures, great encounters and conversations and a lot of thoughtfulness.

One sentence is still ringing in my ears. The belief in a great product made from high-quality materials, the pursuit of reliable workmanship and the passion for further development. The credo of the great Giesser family.


GIESSER Messermanufaktur

Giesser PremiumCut Wave No 1 Spicy Orange 25 cm
Giesser PremiumCut Butcher Chefs No 1 22 cm