The GIESSER knife manufactory in Stuttgart

The GIESSER knife manufactory in Stuttgart | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

Giesser Messermanufaktur a traditional Swabian company

The  knife manufacture dates back to 1776, which began in a small forge in Winnenden in the 1980s a global company.

From the beginning to this day, the company has been family-run in the best Swabian tradition of craftsmanship. Giesser makes knives that are honest, solid and durable kitchen tools.

These knives are at home where the focus is on edge retention, hygiene, durability and perfect ergonomics. Butchers, restaurateurs, top and amateur cooks swear by the quality from Swabia.

Die Messerschmiede offers an extensive series of knives for the meat industry. The second mainstay and a real passion in the house  are the kitchen knives.

Two wonderful series inspired us. The Premiumcut Spicy Orange series with its colorful plastic handles and the Premiumcut Thuja series. This has fantastically beautiful handles made of thuja, the wood of the tree of life.

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A site visit gave a deeper insight into knife production

We personally visited the manufactory and the workshops, took photos and filmed videos and talked to the employees about their working methods.

We immediately noticed this certain spirit, the esprit that prevails in the house. Ideals are capitalized here, as they also apply to Typemyknife.

The belief in a durable product. High-quality materials. The pursuit of absolute processing quality. A keen interest in ongoing development.

The approximately 130 employees not only produce knives for the meat industry.  In addition, there is a great passion for the development and manufacture of very special cooking and BBQ knives.

The large, curved, heavy blades are unusual and innovative. The handle materials, which are exclusively manufactured by Giesser, are particularly unique.

The handles of the Spicy Orange series are specially made by an artist.

He mixes different acrylic masses in different colors. Mix them in a special process and stop the process exactly when the composition is perfect.

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Thuja oxidentalis the wood of the tree of life

Another wonderful handle material used here is the wood of the tree of life. The tree of life does not only get its name from its evergreen leaves.

He’s a real lifesaver. In French seafaring, the green twigs were taken on board on long journeys. They were used to make a broth containing vitamin C. This protected the crew from the deficiency disease scurvy.

Thuja has a wonderful grain. The heartwood varies from light to dark brown. Small, dark dots and circles are held together by dark veins. All the grace, a visual experience.

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In conversation with Hans Joachim Giesser and Sven Aderhold about sustainability

Sven Aderhold, Head of Sales, introduced us to all the details and special features of the production.

Mr. Hans Joachim Giesser and his brother Hermann enthusiastically supported our idea of personalizing kitchen knives in a 3D configurator right from the start. Thank you very much for that.

What Mr. Aderhold brought us closer to is another interesting aspect of such a large knife manufacturer.

Sustainability.  A big topic in Winnenden. Here we think further. What does the industrial future look like, an important question.

How safe is our raw material market and how sustainable is its extraction. How much water and energy is used in the manufacture of knives? What can be recycled and thus put back into the cycle?

Giesser relies heavily on recycling. Resource-saving production processes.

In this way, the steel waste in production is completely recycled. They are melted down and recycled.

The various plastic residues from the handle production are also collected and partly mixed with the black plastic.

We’ve already thought about what happens to old knives. How do they get back from the customer to the company in order to insert them into the cycle.

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The PremiumCut series, Spicy Orange and Thuja

The PremiumCut series that we call TYPEMYKNIFE in our Shop are exceptional, expressive and dominant chef’s knives.

We have listed the Spicy Orange series with the unique Spicy Orange design, as well as the very rarely used wood of the Thuja tree as handle material for chef’s knives on offer at TYPEMYKNIFE®.

Giesser PremiumCut Slicer No 1 Spicy Orange 31 cm

Thuja tree of life for kitchen knives