Laser engraving, design your sharp kitchen knife

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We laser engrave your kitchen knife with every imaginable motif in deep black

We at Typemyknife often develop a very individual design for our customers, which is then lasered onto the knife blade.

Most customers who contact us want to have their desired design reproduced on a knife blade. The knives are often intended as promotional gifts or merchandising items.

If they are companies or associations, they often already have a logo or lettering. We are the only laser engraving company that can inscribe this individually or in combination over the entire length of the blade up to 35 cm.

But we can depict much more than logos and fonts. Depending on your wishes, we design what suits the customer and his topic.

A few examples

Engrave Meta

Laser engraving for Meta Hiltebrand, a star chef from Zürich the capital of Switzerland

Meta Hiltebrand is a manga fan. The early Sailermoon anime are part of your attitude towards life, your character, yours images.

Sailermoon and the talking cat Luna had to use their chef’s knife, which can be purchased in their cooking school, because she loves cats herself.

At Typemyknife we take these ideas and look for inspiration. Illustrations by Sailermoon, originally Usagi Tsukino.

We are looking for cat pictures, or we can quickly take a photo of our own tomcat at home.

Thomas studied art and develops the ideas on the digital drawing board. With a duck-sensitive pen, this becomes a unique drawing. The drawing is converted into a vector graphic and placed directly on the blade of the wishing knife.

In this way, the customer can directly influence the design process. Suggest changes or choose from several drafts.

The end result is the Meta Hiltebrand knife. A laser engraving that matches you and your image perfectly.

Sven Ritzmann und die Köchin der Liebe
Sven Ritzmann the Chef 2

Sven Ritzmann is a trendy chef. His personal  Knife design laser engraved on the blade.

We met Sven Ritzmann in the in-local Lumen, in the heart of western Stuttgart.

He was bubbling with ideas. An octopus, his favorite animal, Stuttgart of course and he himself, of course engraved on the blade.

Such ideas are a challenge for us as designers and at the same time a great pleasure to become active. Stuttgart, that’s the famous television tower, the market hall with its fresh fish offers, great scenery.

The octopus a legendary primal being, at the same time a delicacy. Sven and his self-image. Abandoned but happily sitting on an empty pickle bucket in his kitchen.

All elements were created by hand on the drawing board. Advantage of digital technology. Removing erasing, moving is much easier than using a real pen and eraser.

The picture is finished when the customer feels they and their restaurant, shop or club are perfectly reproduced.

engraving Rolf straubinger Fine Dining RS Design

Rolf Straubinger and his individual laser engraving.

Rolf Straubinger is a star chef with flair and commitment.

His creativity is contagious. At a meeting at the Burg Staufeneck in the Filstal, it immediately became clear what makes this place special. The old walls tower majestically over the valley.

Within the venerable walls, Rolf Straubinger cooks beyond all borders.

His culinary creations and the unique location of Staufeneck Castle should be on the knife. We drove into the valley and I made the first sketches right on the side of the road.

Castle, meadow orchards, Alb landscape. On the other side of the knife Rolfs fantastically designed treat. Colored layers, texture from crispy to creamy. The crab tail is a must.

Laser engraving, design your sharp kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

The design process from the idea to the finished engraving

Drawing is a sensual passion,

this has a lot in common with cooking. You follow an idea, compose different elements.

Artists, whether at the stove or at the drawing table, are looking for an individual expression. For perfection.

The design grows and perfects little by little. When the end point of the design is reached, everything else is too much and nothing more to add. Round, perfect. Done.

We are grateful for smart ideas from our customers. This stimulates the design process.

Whatever you want to do on a laser blade. We make it happen.

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See you soon Thomas and Claus

Laser engraving, design your sharp kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 10
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