Rolf Straubinger´s knife at Staufeneck Castle

Rolf Straubinger

Rolf Straubinger meets TYPEMYKNIFE®

Late autumn 2021, fog wafts in the valley on the gently rolling heights of the Swabian Jura and the Staufeneck Castle emerges from the haze on.

Manorial seat of the Staufer family, towering over the Fils Valley is the castle. Centuries-old history of an old building shines again in the glow of the stars.

Rolf Straubinger Burg Staufeneck meets TYPEMYKNIFE®

What the Rolf Straubinger and Klaus Schurr families have created from this historical gem is respected and valued nationwide.

Klaus Schurr has developed the Burghotel into one of the best hotels in Germany. 5*star superior, hotelier of the year 2011 and countless other awards stand for the highest international hospitality.

Rolf Straubinger’s CV reads like a who’s who of the chefs’ guild. Out into the world from Swabia.

Worked in the best kitchens in Europe. Restaurants like the Tantris in Munich with Heinz Winkler and Harald Wohlfahrt in the Traube Tonbach, as well as the famous Negresco Hotel in Nice have shaped his style.

Straubinger was honored as the best fish chef in the world by the Bocuse d`Or Academy in 1997. An accolade of the white guild.

As the author of the cookbook: Fish, sea fish and seafood combined with vegetables from the Mediterranean region, his fine dining expertise was printed on paper and became a bestseller.

Straubinger earned his first Michelin star back in 1991 at Staufeneck Castle and has defended it to this day with the highest level of culinary art. Toques, points and countless awards can be admired in the entrance to the restaurant.   

Of course, we as TYPEMYKNIFE® wanted to design a personal, unique chef’s knife for him and his star restaurant Fine Dining RS.

We looked at old postcard motifs of the castle and were inspired by illustrations of Straubinger’s food creations in gourmet journals.

He bought a special chef’s knife with a 25 cm blade and a Bocote hardwood handle from the Coltelleria Saladini from Scarperia Italy decided.

Italian elegance and design meet top international gastronomy.

We at TYPEYMYKNIFE® have lasered both sides of the blade of the Saladini chef’s knife from the Collezione Cucina Bocote series.

The silhouette of the castle on one side and a series of fine delicacies from the Fine Dining RS on the other.

Of course we handed over the beautiful piece personally and are particularly pleased that we were able to make him happy with it.

The Rolf Straubinger knife is now available in the TYPEMYKNIFE® shop. Of course, you can also choose between boxwood, olive or bocote wood.

When placing your order, enter the type of wood you want as a comment in the ordering process. 

Rolf Straubinger Burg Staufeneck und das Messer von TYPEMYKNIFE®

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our high class laser technology permanently in deep black both sides of the blade.