Star chef Rolf Straubinger Burg Staufeneck

Burg Staufeneck

Staufeneck Castle meets TYPEMYKNIFE®

TYPEMYKNIFE® develops his personal design for Rolf Straubinger Burg Staufeneck’s chef’s knife. From the Coltelleria Saladini.

If Swabian history had to write a story about the development of hospitality, then Staufeneck Castle would be one of your main characters.

History, which goes back to the beginning of the last millennium of the Staufers. From the rise to the fall and the rebirth as a hotel and restaurant of the extra class, all facets are present in the script.  

The families Straubinger and Schurr have been working continuously on realizing your vision since the 1990s. At the top you wanted to set accents. To this day, people are not satisfied with less.

This passion for constantly reinventing yourself is reflected in countless awards and honors from international hotel and gastronomy publications.

We as TYPEMYKNIFE® are particularly happy to develop your personal knife design for Burg Staufeneck, which we burn onto the sharp chef’s knife blade with our laser technology .  

As inspiration, we used old drawings and postcards of the castle complex, as well as photographs of menu creations.

The result is an unmistakable design that manifests the creative power and creativity of Staufeneck Castle.

We wish Burg Staufeneck continued success in being a fixed star of international hospitality.  

Rolf Straubinger´s knife at Staufeneck Castle

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We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our high class laser technology permanently in deep black both sides of the blade.

High class Laser technology by TYPEMYKNIFE® 2021

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