The Gerhard Stückert knife from TYPEMYKNIFE®

Gerhards Stückerts Messer

Gerhard Stückert the thoroughbred chef

Gerhardt Stückert says of himself that he is a thoroughbred chef.

He immediately provides the definition: “Anyone who comes home in the morning after ten hours of hard work in the kitchen and still watches cooking shows must be a full-blooded chef”.

Gerhard Stückert completed his training as a chef in Frankfurt from 1986 to 1989. He doesn’t want to say more about it,
… don’t go into detail. It was probably a diet kitchen, but he learned a lot. Then he messed around.

Like every good craftsman on the move in the Frankfurt and Wetterau area. Gaining all kinds of experiences. Stick your nose in everywhere. He started his own business with his wife, nice shop until the landlady had a change of heart overnight. That’s it. Get up, straighten the crown, let’s go.

After that Gerhard Stückert was worldwide with Do & Co, the renowned, international catering company from Vienna.

Thu & Co has now been responsible for the catering of Formula 1 for 27 seasons.

Do &Co looks after the VIP guests of the Paddock Club at 19 Grand Prix in 18 countries. Gerhard Stückert was there.

His passion is for DIY and fresh things. Top quality meat in focus.

He likes to experiment with different cooking methods. Observe dry-aged meat yourself as it dries, find the right point of maturity.

Mumify meat with whiskey and truffles, ripen butter to a culinary highlight and much more. An alchemist and druid in his cooking laboratory.

Gerhard Stückert has another hobby. He calls them jams, but they’re concoctions of bacon onions and whiskey or lime apples and a few secret ingredients.

His passion for witches, mermaids, runes and heavy metal complete the picture.
A thoroughbred chef par excellence.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE®  have realized his design wishes for Gerhard in a long conversation about his personality. Gerhard likes everything that the Viking Metal genre has to offer in terms of motifs. 

The left side of the blade shows a melange of a Celtic tree of life and rune patterns

On the right side of the blade, a sensually beguiling mermaid with a trident of Neptune dominates. After all, the mermaid embodies the sensuality and promise that every cook has.

The kitchen knife that Gerhard Stückert chose is the finest Swabian knife maker tradition of the Manufaktur Giesser. Chefs No.1 from the PremiumCut series, handcrafted in the main factory in Winnenden


Das Gerhard Stückert Messer – Frau Trude Hanau FFM

Giesser PremiumCut Chefs No 1 Spicy Orange 20 cm