Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE®

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The Gold & Silver design for kitchen knife engravings by TYPEMYKNIFE®

If the tattoo on a kitchen knife and on the skin of its wearer is captivating, then the collaboration between Gold & Silver Studio from Schwäbisch Gmünd and TYPEMYKNIFE® is not far away.

  1. The development of tattoo designs for the sharp blades of TYPEMKYNIFE®
  2. Tender skin and cold steel. The story of a Schwäbisch Gmünd stinging collaboration
  3. The most famous chefs (almost) all wear tattoos.
  4. The  Studio Gold & Silver in Schwäbisch Gmünd and the makers behind the sharp needle
  5. What is a tattoo studio without its artistic needle virtuosos? An introduction to the creative team
  6. Tattoo styles: A world of colours, meanings and creativity
Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4
  1. The development of designs for the sharp blades of TYPEMKYNIFE®

The design on a sharp blade that we at TYPEMKYNIFE® apply with our laser technology is like a tattoo, a personalised one-off.

None of our customers is like the other. Everyone has their own personal wishes and wants to reflect their individuality, especially in their kitchen.

Thanks to our cooperation with Gold & Silver Studio from Schwäbisch Gmünd, we now have the opportunity to make the latest tattoo trends available as templates in our Configurator Design Gallery.

The artists from the studio have selected their designs with us and we have chosen the appropriate designs for the special rectangular shape of a blade. For this purpose, you will now find an interesting selection of motifs for the graphic processing of both sides of the blade of your kitchen knife in the 3D Engraving Configurator under the Gold & Silver Design category in the gallery.


Gold Silver Tattoo
Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

2. Tender skin and cold steel. The story of a Schwäbisch Gmünd collaboration

Cold sharp steel and delicate sensual skin are closer than one might suspect at first glance. A tenderly pricking symbiosis.

People wear tattoos for a variety of reasons, and these reasons can vary greatly from person to person. Here are some of the most common reasons why people wear tattoos:

  1. Self-expression: Tattoos are a way for people to express their personality, beliefs, interests and artistic creativity. A tattoo can carry a message or symbol that has special meaning to the person.
  2. Memory: Many people choose to get tattoos to honour and commemorate important life events or loved ones. A tattoo can serve as a lasting reminder of a special person or moment in life.
  3. Aesthetics and beauty: Some people appreciate the art and aesthetic side of tattoos. They view their body as a canvas and use tattoos to embellish it or wear unique designs.
  4. Cultural and ethnic reasons: In many cultures around the world, tattoos have a long tradition and symbolise certain cultural or ethnic affiliations. People often wear them as an expression of their cultural identity.
  5. Rebellion and individuality: Some people choose to get tattoos as an act of rebellion or to emphasise their individuality and difference. Tattoos can be a way to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Therapeutic reasons: For some people, tattooing can have a therapeutic effect. It can help to cope with emotional trauma or be a form of self-healing.
  7. Spirituality and faith: In some religious or spiritual traditions, tattoos are used as an expression of faith or devotion to a higher power. They may also represent protective symbols.
  8. Fashion and trends: Like other forms of body modification, tattoos are subject to fashion trends. Some people choose to have tattoos because they think they are stylish and trendy.

It is important to note that the reasons for wearing tattoos are extremely varied, and the importance of a tattoo can vary greatly from person to person. What has an important and personal meaning for one person may only be an aesthetic or decorative element for someone else. Wearing tattoos is an individual decision influenced by personal experiences, preferences and values.

Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

What connects a tattoo design on a delicate skin with a cold dominant knife steel? 

Knife steels have been feared as weapons since the evolution of man. The most important tool for hunting, essential also for preparing food.

The perfect kitchen fairr is the most important tool in the kitchens of this world.

However, sharp knives are as individual as the first stone tools. It stands to reason that back then people already reflected their personal individuality in the knife blade.  This is not unlike a tattoo on the skin as well as on a knife.

The fact that this human behaviour has not really changed until today is shown in a very long lasting tattoo trend as well as in the one propagated by TYPEMKYNIFE®personalisation of his kitchen knife blade.

Every human being strives for his own personal uniqueness and seeks a fetish to represent it. 

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  1. The most famous chefs (almost) all wear tattoos, on their skin and now on their knives

As an ex maitre cuisiner, you have burnt your hands so many times and inflicted deep wounds with sharp knives that you approach a tattoo with a certain scepticism after deep-cutting experiences you have had, is still strongly pronounced in me. You have to be open to a self-imposed torture of the skin.

While tattoos used to be reserved for cons, sailors or other underdogs and fringe groups of the German bourgeois society with a certain touch of slovenliness until the 1980s, today they are more than just an aesthetic product on the skin. An expression of oneself, recently more than just a symbol of non-conformity. It is the personal aesthetic that is in the foreground.

The fact that this trend of individualisation has had a particular impact on the cooking guild can be marvelled at daily in various cooking and baking programmes. If you look through the profiles of the current decorated star chefs, you will rarely find anyone who does not have a tattoo.

Cooking is already characterised by a creative independence. Those who think highly of their profession have developed their own style and image. It is precisely this individualisation that is demanded in the relevant awards. So why not present this on his skin as well?  

Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

4. The captivating Studio Gold & Silver in Schwäbisch Gmünd and the makers behind the sharp needle

A studio lives from its artists and, of course, especially from the esprit that the manager team exudes.

To allow one’s body to be worked on requires a certain minimum of trust and sympathy.

This has been achieved in a special way by the couple Irene and Dario Mangieri.

The studio is located in the heart of Schwäbisch Gmünd, directly on the market square in Nikolausgasse. After all, it flashes into the pedestrian zone with two beautiful arcades. The interior is very personal and has a very special atmosphere. There are various shrines with the funniest figures, scene objects and decorative elements.

It is particularly worth mentioning that there are special separees. Discreet work on body parts that should remain hidden from the public. Extravagantly and stylishly furnished with antique furniture.

It goes without saying that they take great care with hygiene and sound advice.

You are welcomed at a large table where Dario greets his guests. Here, they calmly discuss all the options that the customer wants. Of course, they also try to make the impossible possible. There is one very special principle in every consultation.

What does not look good in the result in any way will not be stitched. Dario tells us with a mischievous smile that some guests have to be prevented from making an irreversible decision.

Whether this is the choice of motif that simply does not work at all on the desired body part because the anatomical conditions of the skin simply do not allow it, or because the choice of motif no longer corresponds to the desired effect after the appointment at the latest. 

A tattoo is a branding for eternity. A decision with a lasting impression for oneself and the viewer.  

Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 14

5. What is a tattoo studio without its artistic needle virtuosos? An introduction to the creative team.

Of course, the owner team Irene and Dario Mangieri are also addicted to tattoo art and wear it on their skin. We took a look at the different styles and the team and introduce you here to the people behind the success of Gold & Silver Tattoo Studio.

An introduction to the captivating team and their special styles.

Irene Mangieri

The creative owner learned her experience and first steps in the oldest tattoo studio in Stuttgart CactusTattoos. Irene works in fineline, black work, traditional in b/w as well as in colour, freehand drawings, letterings and caligraphy, as well as mandala designs.

Robert Jevy

An artist who has been on the team from the beginning. He stitches only custom works, creates only with his own designs and develops special styles in Neo -Traditional design. He can be booked for a few days every month in Gmünd, as well as in Berlin in the Apokalypse Studio. He has been working internationally as a professional for 20 years and is a resident at The Tattooed Arms Studios in Lincoln East Midlands England.

Michelle Vantablack

Michelle started her career at Cactus Studio and has been working as a resident with the G&S team for 3 years. Her style can be described as Blacker than Black. She loves realism to fineline. She likes to work on customworks, as well as letterings. With colour you can hunt her.

Dario Schiavone

Dario is a member of the team from the family in Sicily, tattooing Blackwork, Fineline, Geometrics and Maori styles for about 15 years. He draws individual designs for clients and he is also at INK Life Tattoo Studio Floridia in Sicily. He is active every 2 months for about 3 weeks in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Lars Heinefeld

Working as a professional tattoo artist for 20 years, his style is realism in perfection, in B/W or colour. Likes graffiti style and realism blends. Loves very artistic and plastic motifs. Is active in Schwäbisch Gmünd according to customer wishes and runs his own studio “23 INK collective” in Süßen near Göppingen.

Vincenzo Morello

Owns his own studio INK LIVE in Sicily and has been active in the skin design business for about 16 years. He prefers to work in realism style in colour and B&W. He is temporarily active in G&S team.

La Bea

Has been in the team for a year and works 2 weeks a month in Schwäbisch Gmünd . She loves Traditional, Fineliner and Neo -Traditional Tattoo Style especially in colour. She lives in Milan and works internationally.

Gold & Silver Tattoo Design for TYPEMYKNIFE® | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 16
  1. Tattoo styles: a world of colours, meanings and creativity

Tattoos have long since ceased to be just a form of body art, but a vibrant mode of expression that can underline a person’s personality in a unique way. In the world of tattoos, there are countless styles, from traditional to avant-garde, from minimalist to hyper-realistic. Each style has its own characteristics, history and meaning. In this article, we take a look at some of the most fascinating tattoo styles.

  1. Traditional tattoos: Timeless Classics

The traditional tattoo, often referred to as “old school”, has its origins in 19th century seafaring and military culture. These tattoos are characterised by bold lines, rich colours and clear outlines. Popular motifs are anchors, hearts, swallows and roses. Each symbol has its own meaning and tells a story.

  1. Realistic tattoos: Life on the skin

Realistic tattoos aim to create a deceptively real image on the skin. They require exceptional talent and skill on the part of the tattoo artist to perfectly reproduce shadows, light and details. This style makes it possible to immortalise portraits of loved ones, pets or stunning nature motifs with amazing accuracy.

  1. Watercolour tattoos: Colourful artwork

Watercolour tattoos are known for their abstract and colourful designs. Inspired by watercolour painting, they use flowing lines and colour gradients to create a painted look on the skin. These tattoos are often devoid of clear outlines and can stretch across the body as if they were brushed onto the skin.

  1. Minimalist Tattoos: Less is More

Minimalist tattoos focus on simplicity and clear shapes. They are often small and subtle, but can still convey strong messages. Popular motifs include arrows, geometric shapes or simple words. These tattoos are a popular choice for people who want to carry an unobtrusive reminder or personal meaning on their skin.

  1. Geometric tattoos: Symmetry and precision

Geometric tattoos are based on mathematical shapes and clean lines. They often create a hypnotic effect on the viewer and can be both minimalist and complex. This style can be combined with other styles to create unique and impressive designs.

  1. Neotraditional tattoos: Tradition with a modern twist

Neotraditional tattooing builds on the foundations of traditional tattooing, but adds modern elements and more vibrant colours. This style allows artists to refresh classic motifs and give them a contemporary twist.

  1. Blackwork and Dotwork: The Art of Contrast

Blackwork and dotwork tattoos are characterised by black ink areas and dot patterns. They create strong contrasts and can be very detailed. This style is often used for abstract designs or mandalas and can have a profound symbolic meaning.

Tattoos are not just body decorations, but expressions of personality, history and creativity. The variety of tattoo styles allows everyone to find their own style and carry a unique message on their skin. Before getting a tattoo, it is important to understand the meaning and history of the chosen style to ensure that your tattoo best reflects your personality and story. Regardless of the style you choose, quality workmanship and choosing an experienced tattoo artist is crucial for an impressive result.


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