Two kitchen knife series by Felix

Felix Messer

Two kitchen knife series from Felix, an outstanding knife manufacturer Solingen

TYPEMYKNIFE® offers two impressive kitchen knife editions from the traditional company Felix.

From Felix’s Masterpiece Collection we offer the wonderful First Class Wood series with ten chef’s knives.

From the Felix Professional Collection the series Size S Olive we have listed seven products.

The First Class Wood series impresses with its successful combination of a drop-forged, elegant blade and its Mediterranean-style olive wood handle.

The blade, bolster and tang, i.e. the entire forged knife including the rivets in the handle, are made of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel. This steel combines the most important properties of a knife. It is absolutely corrosion-resistant, but achieves the extreme hardness of 57 Rockwell for stainless steel. At the same time, the blade is elastic and has a high edge retention, which makes frequent re-sharpening unnecessary.

Felix attaches great importance to the professional suitability of his knives. In addition to corrosion, hardness and handling, geometry and balance are also important issues. The massive bolster and the heavy end piece of the handle make the knife well-balanced in tough everyday kitchen work and guarantee working by hand without tiring.

Thanks to its olive wood handle, the technically perfect knife looks elegant and balanced at the same time.

The hundreds of years old olive wood from Andalusia gives the First Class Wood series a particularly warm and Mediterranean look. Only the old precious olive trees have this unique grain and the harmonious play of colors of brown and yellow tones.  Olive trees are felled in Andalusia under state supervision and reforested to guarantee the long-term sustainability of this natural product.

All the high-quality components of the Felix First Class Wood kitchen knives make them technically perfect and creatively very attractive top-class tools.

Such a unique item should be treated with care. The old olive wood loves to be rubbed with a resin-free, food-safe oil every now and then. In this way, the graceful olive wood retains its elegance and beauty over the long term.

Of course, high-class knives should not be put in the dishwasher. Alkalis, salts, acids and other components of detergent and rinse aid attack the knife steel and lead to corrosion and pitting. In addition, hot water and exercise are the death sentence for natural materials such as wood or horn.

The second series offered by TYPEMYKNIFE® from the renowned knife manufacturer Felix in Solingen is Size S Olive and is part of the Felix Professional Collection.

Anyone looking for beauty and elegance in the kitchen will inevitably come across this graceful and shapely kitchen knife series Size S Olive.

Like all top-class professional knives from Felix, the blade is made of stainless chrome vanadium molybdenum steel. This steel combines all the positive properties that are important in the kitchen. The steel is non-corrosive, so it does not rust and does not react with fruit acids or alkalis. Its alloy allows the degree of hardness to be increased to 57 Rockwell in complex heat and cold processes.  This keeps the blade elastic and permanently sharp.

The Size S Olive kitchen knives are formed using the drop forging process. This enables an extraordinary shape and balance of the knife.

The elegant blade ends in a massive bolster that balances the weight. This allows the knife to be used in a balanced manner, even in tough kitchen use. The ergonomic advantage is that the hand gets less tired.

Knife blade and olive wood handle are seamlessly connected. This prevents moisture from penetrating. All of these qualitative strengths of the Size S Olive knives from Felix enable everyday work in the professional kitchen.

The pronounced aesthetics of this knife series is the result of the combination of a perfect blade in terms of geometry and function with the shapely, elegant handle made of natural olive wood.

The selected olive wood comes from old olive groves in Andalusia. Only trees that are up to a thousand years old have this wonderful grain and the captivating play of colors of brown and yellow tones. In order to preserve this natural treasure, the olive trees are felled and reforested only under state supervision. This guarantees sustainability and permanently consistent quality of the raw material wood.

Wood is a piece of nature, it also needs some care. Wooden handles should be oiled from time to time. This requires an oil with three important properties.

It must not gum up. This makes the grip sticky. It should be thin and only applied thinly to be absorbed well.

It must be food safe so that no solvents, mineral oils or toxins find their way into the kitchen. Please inquire before buying a so-called care product from a specialist retailer.

Word has already got around that knives, whether steel or stainless steel, do not belong in the dishwasher. We go into the reasons earlier in the article.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and personalize your selected knife from the TYPEMYKNIFE® Shop.  Use our 3D configurator to individually design your personal chef’s knife with writing, text  and graphics or your own picture.

Design freely and without limits, be creative. Use the variety of our design templates or load your own photos into the configurator. Combine your picture with text and writing or a message to your loved ones. A very personal gift.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our high class laser technology permanently in deep black both sides of the blade.

Felix, feinste Küchenmesser aus der Klingenstadt Solingen


Felix First Class Wood Tourniermesser 7 cm - TYPEMYKNIFE®
Felix S Olive Tourniermesser 7cm - TYPEMYKNIFE®