The Meta Hiltebrand kitchen knife

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Meta Hiltebrand and her kitchen knife design by TYPEMYKNIFE®

A kitchen knife for a very special personality as a heroine at the stove.

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Admittedly, a somewhat crazy idea for a personality like Meta Hiltebrand to create his own kitchen knife design.

Using our laser technology to sharpen the designs and inspire a perfectionist.

Admittedly, Meta Hiltebrand is more off the mainstream than anything else that adorns itself with various toques and stars.

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Meta, an enfant terrible in the media presence ?

An enfant terrible perhaps or a personality that cannot be pigeonholed?

She is absolutely unique in what she does and in her agitation.

It’s not just your appearance, no of course you’re a sore thumb and you love it and stand by it. This is not a marketing ploy to attract public attention, it is what it represents without ifs and buts, pure meta.

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Meta Hiltebrand, the free spirit in the cooking guild

A free spirit in a regimented world.

Especially when it comes to the adapted existence in the gastronomic star scene, to always do justice to the gourmet testers.

It’s not for nothing that great personalities have thrown in the towel and evaded this pressure. Who would want to be released for slaughter on a silver platter after being jazzed up.

A gigantic pressure, to which many colleagues have already fallen victim.

Meta never wanted to succumb to this pressure. She clearly says that she is not a star chef, but that she celebrates her profession with complete dedication. I got the same impression from her when we met for the first time in September this year in Zurich at her new location.

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The CookCouture studio in Zurich

A location under the arches of a railway viaduct, in the middle of the trendy district in Zurich West.

When I was in Viaduct Street for the first time, the location immediately reminded me of the trendy trendy districts of Berlin in Schönhauser or Mitte.

A perfect mix of shopping, strolling and creative workstations. All this mixed with a necessary portion of anarchism and creativity. The perfect place for the Studio Cookcouture.

The studio does not surprise with its huge dimensions, on the contrary, it is a cooking living room and a creative workspace. 

There is a large anteroom with high ceilings, where a large table invites you to linger and where the cooked spices can be tasted in good company.

The actual cooking studio can be found in the second room. Mobile cooking islands that can be distributed in the room depending on the number of participants. A multifunctional working platform that can be used for the many offers that stand for the universe Meta.

What did Meta say to me when we were talking about cooking events, cooking is not fooling around in the kitchen, when I cook I want perfection and passion.

No events more present in the liquid diet and burning the food in the pot. When I cook, I only cook.

I always ask that of my guests, that’s why you booked Meta and not a show with a solo entertainer. 

Engrave Meta

The development of the Meta Hiltebrand kitchen knife design

Developing a kitchen knife blade design for Meta Hiltebrand was a challenge.

A specialty of TYPEMKYNIFE® is for personalities to create their own blade designs according to their taste . We have also done this for you in several design steps.

Anyone who follows and knows Meta knows that she has a soft spot for manga characters, specifically the character Sailor Moon. Add to that the moon and stars, and your love for cats.

Accommodating all of this in one blade and making it look good at the same time was a particular challenge for us. 

The kitchen knife on which we have realized the meta design comes from Coltelleria Saladini from Scarperia Italy . A small but very fine manufactory that produces the finest Tuscan cutlery. You can find it in our shop under the following link.

Saladini Collezione Cucina Santoku Bocote 21 cm


The Meta Hiltebrand kitchen knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

Having a partner at TYPEMYKNIFE® like Thomas, who studied art academy for several years and is adept at drawing, is just right for this sketch work.

You can see that the surprise was a success by looking at the pictures we took in your CookCouture Studio after the handover.

You can really see the joy of having a unique design developed just for you on a blade, the tool par excellence for cooks.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® feel very honored to have given her great pleasure and look forward to a long cooperation and friendship with her.

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