Saladini, the Italian knife manufacturer

Coltelleria Saladini

The Coltelleria Saladini from Scarperia Firenze

Scarperia, the eye candy of a picturesque Florentine town is home to the best Italian knife manufacturers in one place. A place that tells the story of blade manufacture since the 15th century and has preserved the precision craftsmanship and typical processing techniques to this day. 

We were particularly impressed by the typical handle shape of the knives from Scarperia. The curved shape of the handles, which is very flattering to the hand, cast a spell over us. The materials used are wood and horns for the processing of knife handles, which are unknown north of the Alps.

Saladini, Italian kitchen knives from Scarperia

The Coltelleria Saladini a family history whose roots of blade manufacture go back to the middle of the 19th century. The commissioned work of the clergy for the Saladini family as a master knife maker is documented for the first time in 1841.

Leonardo Saladini, the owner of the Coltelleria, has continued this tradition since 1984 and has developed a beautiful kitchen knife series Collezione Cucina.

The product designer Giacomo Cecchi, who joined the company in 2002, is responsible for this typical Italian signature. Cecchi has evolved traditional forms and processing techniques with contemporary design.   

The Coltelleria Saladini works exclusively with traditional methods. The steel is drop forged from X46Cr13 stainless steel. The blade shape has a unique line and is immediately recognizable as a Saladini knife.

The materials used for the handles that we offer at TYPEMYKNIFE® are local olive wood and Apennine boxwood, which stands out with its beautiful warm yellowish hue. We also have Bocote, a Central American tree species with yellow-grained dark wood.

The handles are painstakingly sanded by hand and finished with linseed oil to ensure durability.

Saladini chef’s knives are expressive, individual chef’s knives of excellent workmanship.


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