Friedr. Dick, a Swabian history of innovation

Friedr. Dick

Friedr. Dick , a Swabian history of innovation.

In 1778, when the company Friedr. Dick not in focus yet. It was files that are still known today as World-class products not only have an excellent reputation in industry and crafts, but also in the goldsmith and watchmaker scene.

In the course of the development of a small workshop in the old town of Esslingen, the manufacture of sharpening steels for butchers later began , which then culminated in further development in tools, cleavers and knives. 1875 Paul Friedrich Dick was responsible for this development as an innovative company leader.

The business premises were moved to a larger property and with the increasing demand for first-class products from Friedr. Dick, the company also grew continuously.

The breakthrough began in 1893 with participation in the World’s Fair in Chicago, and Friedr. Dick was able to sell sharpening steels, tools and knives on the international stage.

With renewed participation in the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, USA, the position on the American market was consolidated and expanded. This also manifested itself in the opening of a sales office in 1992 in Farmingdale, NY USA.

From 1989, Wilhelm Leuze, the great-grandson of company founder Paul Dick, focused on the manufacture and development of chef’s knives. A decisive step that was to develop into the most important product group of the F. DICK brand.

In the 1990s, various restructurings followed, especially in file production and the relocation of the production facility from Esslingen to Deizisau. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for the quality products of chef’s and butcher’s knives, massive investments are being made in modern production processes at the Deizisau production site.  

In 2017, Wilhelm Leuze handed over the reins to Steffen Uebele, who still represents the company today as managing director and is vigorously developing it further.

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