The Toni Christiansen Goodbye Germany Knife

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The emigrant Toni Christiansen

A courageous adventurer in search of a new life

In recent years, the television programme “The Emigrants” on Vox has thrilled audiences with fascinating stories about people who leave their lives behind in Germany to start a new chapter in another country.

With a lot of courage, hope and sometimes fears, these emigrants set out to realise their dreams. 

The fascination of emigration

Emigration is a phenomenon that has always captivated people. The search for a better life, professional opportunities, love or simply the desire for a change of scenery drives many to leave their home country.

The emigrants of Vox embody this desire for change and adventure in a unique way. They leave everything behind to settle in a foreign country and take on new challenges.

The stories of the emigrants

The emigrants of Vox come from the most diverse life situations. Some have already built a successful life in Germany, while others are struggling with financial or personal problems. But they have one thing in common: an unshakeable belief in a better future.

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The story behind Toni’s emigration

She very successfully ran the gastronomy and kiosk of a clinic in Mutlangen as a tenant for over 2 decades. This was your life and your pride and joy. A recognised and valued, successful businesswoman. 

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the rigorous sealing off of any visitor frequency, from which a hospital catering and kiosk generates its turnover, the entire basis of life for Toni has been withdrawn overnight.

A victim of the pandemic, forced through no fault of his own into a situation that makes no easy decisions indispensable.

Naturally, Toni tried to sit the problem out and, like everyone, hoped that the madness would end shortly. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be the case and with a head full of problems, the first thing to do was to create a physical distance in order to have space to think.

The trip to a friend in Alanya, Turkey 

The plan was to rest, relax, reflect and think. The decision to change the centre of her life was a daring but not impossible decision, which has to be put into practice.

Those who know Toni know that she makes plans become reality. 

What she then did with this decision and how she masters her new everyday life,  can be seen in the further episodes of the Vox programme Goodbye Germany the Emigrants. We are excited and wish her every success.

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The special knife design for Toni by TYPEMYKNIFE®

A sharp blade for a connoisseur in and the story of superstition behind the parting gift.

Superstitions, knives and friendships: a look at traditions and their influence on interpersonal relationships

In many cultures around the world, there are numerous traditions, customs and superstitions that have been passed down for generations. Some of these traditions also include certain beliefs about knives and their impact on friendships and interpersonal relationships.

In this article, we would like to take a look at superstitions related to knives and reflect on how these beliefs can affect friendships and relationships.

Superstitions and knives

In many cultures, knives are considered a symbol of separation, conflict or even aggression. It is believed that giving a knife as a gift or using a knife as a gift can lead to disputes and discord between the parties involved. For this reason, knives are often avoided when it comes to gifts, especially gifts for good friends.

Another superstition is that placing a knife on the table brings bad luck. It is believed that this can lead to tension and conflict in the family or community. Therefore, in some cultures, knives are always carefully put away or placed on special pads to avert bad luck.

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The TYPEMYKNIFE® graphic solution for your sharp blade. 

What is more useful against superstition than real life?

When an epicure of the pleasures of the table  and excellent cook invites you to a farewell party, in the normal case you make the dolls dance. That in this special constellation the dolls dance on a knife was of course a brilliant idea of your Best Buddy`s, which we from TYPEMYKNIFE® put in scene.   

So what is more direct in the message than when the best girlfriends sit at the table again and again at every meal.

When Toni celebrates a delicious meal in your kitchen in the evening, your dearest girlfriends are always present and support you in the composition of the menu with their dancing vibes.

Real and strong girl power that is not to be underestimated. This is real friendship that will survive distances.    

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Toni Christiansen (r) & good fellow

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The big present

The Toni Christiansen Goodbye Germany Knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 16

Cheers Toni and all the best my love

The knife for Toni and the love of gastronomy

If it has to be a sensible tool for an expert in the kitchen, then it should be a special tool from an Italian forge. 

Saladini knives are distinguished by their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each knife is carefully handcrafted by expert knifemakers, combining traditional techniques with modern know-how. The result is aesthetically pleasing knives of the highest quality.

Coltelleria Saladini, a Santoku blade, from a very exceptional forge in Scarperia Firenze. The finest Italian craftsmanship and a grace and gracefulness of use that is unparalleled.

Saladini Collezione Cucina Santoku Olivo 21 cm

Saladini Collezione Cucina Santoku Buchsbaum 21 cm