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A story about the Betz distillery and the collaboration with TYPEMYKNIFE®

Distilling history and history have characterized the Betz distillery in Waldstetten at the foot of the Dreikaiserberge mountains since 1895.

A really hot thing working with TYPEMYKNIFE®

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Founding a small distillery and developing the Betz distillery since 1895.

 The  Beginnings go back to 1895. At that time, the great-grandfather of today’s owner Uli Betz, Mr. Andreas Betz, founded the distillery in Waldstetten.

In a small, picturesque town near Schwäbisch Gmünd, at the foot of the Swabian Jura.

Even at that time, carefully selected fruits and the traditional distilling process were part of your principles.

The region is a cultural landscape of local fruit cultivation. The gentle, steep southern slopes of the Swabian Jura, sufficient water and a mild climate in the valley favor successful fruit growing.

To this day, fruit growing is seen as a cultural asset, practiced with a great deal of commitment by many private individuals and fruit growers.

Mirabelle plums, old apple varieties, pears, plums, all kinds of berries and countless herbs from the Alb. These together are the best foundations for a successful distillery.

The development of the Betz distillery from the 1970s

In 1972, Bernhard Betz put a distillery into operation for the production of grain brandies. During this time, the first experiences in grain distilling were gained.

In 1984 the original corn distillery was replaced by a larger one, which made it possible to produce around 150 LA per hour.

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The adventure of whiskey production from a Swabian distillery.

In 2008 Bernhard Betz filled the first oak barrels made from local oak with classic grain. The distillate is produced in our own distillery.

These were the first steps in future whiskey making. An art of distillation that should not only be reserved for the Scottish distilleries as market leaders.

After the first years had passed and it was found that the results were quite good and promising, the idea of producing a single malt whiskey was put into action.

In the years 2014 – 2016, a number of attempts were made to create a raw distillate that met the expectations and requirements.

Thus, at the end of 2016, the first 200 liter barrels were filled with barley distillate from malted barley.

In recent years, the cask store has grown significantly. In addition, there are now a large number of different barrels in stock..

Starting with the classic ex-Bourbon or American Oak to sherry, cognac or mescal casks.

Another special feature of the Betz distillery is that, since 2019, some bio dynamic types of whiskey have been produced according to the guidelines of the German Demeter Association.

A unique selling point in the production of spirits.

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A look into the future of the Betz distillery in Waldstetten.

The distillery is currently being converted into an adventure distillery with visits and tasting opportunities.

A special visitor highlight will be the walk-in barrel store and the stylishly furnished shop.

The art of distillation to touch and taste. Close to the production and the intense smell of the filled barrels should give the visitor an incomparable experience.

The aim should be to let the visitor immerse himself in the perfect craftsmanship and the passion for the production of distillates with all his senses.

In the future, events such as tastings and smaller celebrations will be offered for a wide variety of occasions.

It is important to Uli Betz and his team that visitors learn a lot about the production and processing of exquisite distillation  learns.

Uli Betz on the tradition and his spirit for the future of the Betz distillery

Nothing has changed in the procedures to date. First-class natural products, selected raw materials of all kinds guarantee the highest art of distillation.

Uli Betz  says about himself that our distillery is being run by the fourth generation and is characterized by an exclusive range of whiskey, gin, vodka and our own brandies and liqueurs from wooden barrels. We want to remain true to this spirit.

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Betz Distillery and TYPEMYKNIFE® at the Night of the Stars Stuttgart 2022

The Betz distillery supported us from TYPEMYKNIFE® with a single malt whiskey from the oak barrel for the give away bags of the 1000 invited guests of the Night of the Stars in Stuttgart.

The Night of the Stars Stuttgart in the Mercedes Benz Museum, a meeting place for highly decorated star chefs from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

A really hot thing, we thank Uli Betz very much for his support.


The night of the stars Stuttgart 2022 (typemyknife.com)


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