Andreas Widmann’s unique kitchen knife design

Andreas Widmann's unique kitchen knife design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

The kitchen knives from the cooking workshop for star chef Andreas Widmann

A successful cooperation with the Giesser knife factory from Winnenden and TYPEMYKNIFE®, the refiner of the finest cutlery from Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Andreas Widmann's unique kitchen knife design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 3

Star chef Andreas Widmann aka the #Alb.styler

The development of the lion in the 21st century and the generational leap

Those who know the region well know that the Alb, especially the eastern part of it, is neither a sleepy place nor behind the stove.

For those who don’t know, a trip is warmly recommended.

The Ostalb is in the top ranks of the Innovation Index for Talents and Patents. If global corporations such as Zeiss, Voith or Bosch are active in the region, smaller innovative companies can develop well in the shadow of the big ones and find their special niches.

What has developed from a formerly very agriculturally oriented region is remarkable.

The mixture of industry, innovation and down-to-earthness is one of the pillars of the creative power of the Ostälblers. Diversity the key to success.

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The lion from Zang becomes multifunctional

When a village inn becomes a modern company.

The example in the metamorphosis shows that a farm with an inn does not have to be doomed of the lion of Zang.

Nine generations in Zang, that means respectable development and for the following generations always a burden that has to be borne.

What Andreas Widmann and his wife have developed from this is remarkable.

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New generations result in new inspirations of #Alb.leben

When change opens up diversity and new opportunities.

We had the pleasure of receiving a nice tour of the house from Frank Widmann, Andi’s father.

We particularly liked the idea of developing an extremely attractive hotel landscape from old forest workers’ wagons and the wood from old barns. The result is Chalets with a unique character that are in the immediate vicinity of the beer garden, with an unobstructed view of allow the beautiful rolling landscape to the south west.

The beer garden, a feast for the eyes under chestnut trees to have a nice snack in summer. Made for a wonderful break from everyday life and to let your soul dangle.

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Widmann`s  Restaurant Ursprung

A multiple award-winning Michelin star restaurant Ursprung in which tradition and new influences also flow in from his wife Anna, an excellent sommelier.

The classic Löwen Restaurant with its honest, down-to-earth Ostalb cuisine. The region’s palate.

The cooking workshop in which Andi and his father Frank Widmann teach their guests the secrets of gentle processing of regional products.

For this project we refined the kitchen knives with our laser technology in cooperation with the Johannes Giesser knife factory Winning.

Andreas Widmann's unique kitchen knife design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 11

Widmanns Onlineshop

The online shop, a project born from the first Corona Lock Down, is developing more and more into a mainstay.

Not only are cooking boxes produced here for the perfectly prepared menu to take home, but also specialties with which the Löwen and the star restaurant Ursprung leave their mark.

The kitchen knives from TYPEMYKNIFE® are now available in the online shop. As a single knife or put together as a sharp knife set. 

All knives are finished with the Widmann logo and design on both sides of the blade. 

The wine cellar complements the offer perfectly. The new project by Anna Widmann, a connoisseur of selected top products and a lover of wines from the Remstal. We are excited to see what will develop from this.

Andreas Widmann's unique kitchen knife design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 13

The kitchen knives from TYPEMYKNIFE® with #Alb.leben design

Fine tools for the heroes of the kitchen.

The fact that the knife factory has been in family hands at the same location in Winnenden near Stuttgart since 1776 is not only known to those who know the scene.

Knives from the Best Cut Olive series were used for Andreas Widmann which we from TYPEMYKNIFE® then with the corporate ID of Widmann`s Alb.leben in a laser inscription process.

The kitchen knives are excellent and well-made tools that the user will enjoy for a long time. The olive wood handles are very cuddly in the ball of the hand and provide a secure grip.

A nice addition to the entire range of Widmann`s Alb.leben produced by TYPEMYKNIFE® from Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Andreas Widmann's unique kitchen knife design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 15

TYPEMYKNIFE® the specialist for blade design

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® have a passion for refining kitchen knives.

We are the only ones who have the knowledge and technology for kitchen knives Blades in their entirety, jet black and permanently durable with Inscribing motifs and images with laser technology.

For this purpose, we have developed a process with a laser specialist from medical technology over a long period of time, in which we can laser from the back of the knife to the cutting edge.

A 3D engraving configurator is available for the individualist. The knife lover loads his chosen chef’s knife into the configurator and can now design both sides of the blade with text, image or graphic elements according to his own taste.

We are available to help and advise every customer for their individual processing. Produce corporate designs for individual customers as well as for companies or companies and can accept everything from individual pieces to series production.

Kitchen knives from TYPEMYKNIFE® Tools for life.

Sternekoch Andreas Widmann und das Küchenmesser