Typemyknife receives Württemberg Award

Typemyknife receives Württemberg Award | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

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TYPEMYKNIFE® has been honored as a top performer 2022 in the innovation competition for talent and patents in East Württemberg.

The competition and the story behind talent and patents

The economic region of Ostwuerttemberg is in second place among 97 regions nationwide for your patent density.

One can proudly say that Ostwuerttemberg is a space for creativity. The ideal soil for talent and patents.

The Ostwuerttemberg Innovation Award gives the creators a platform. The prize honors creativity, inventiveness, innovative strength and entrepreneurial courage.

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The story behind the Ostwuerttemberg Innovation Award

Innovations are the key to a prosperous economy. At the opening of the state representation of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin in 2000, the slogan East Württemberg area for talents and patents was created

In 2001 there was the first call for entries and the award ceremony. Since then, an annual award ceremony has been held for the most innovative companies in East Württemberg.

The goals of the Ostwuerttemberg Innovation Award

The business development agency WIRO in Schwäbisch Gmünd, the IHK Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ostwuerttemberg and the district savings banks Ostalb and Heidenheim offer the winners and award winners a public platform. 

The main aspects of the award are the economic considerations, the innovative lead achieved and the public impact.

In these disciplines, TYPEMYKNIFE® was able to score with an award for top performer 2022.

Typemyknife receives Württemberg Award | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

TYPEMYKNIFE® was awarded as a top performer 2022

The Ostwuerttemberg Innovation Award stands for great products, ingenious ideas and sophisticated concepts.

For these achievements, an expert jury awarded us the performance prize 2022.

We are very pleased that we as a startup have been rewarded for our commitment with this award.

Many thanks to everyone involved and especially to the organizers of this important event as part of the Ostwuerttemberg Economic Development Agency.< /a>


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