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Grillworld Grillschule

Grillworld® Schorndorf and the cooperation with TYPEMYKNIFE®

TYPEMYKNIFE® has been the exclusive partner for professional kitchen knives for the shop in Schorndorf.

We are particularly pleased to have placed an attractive display in the grill school, in which our special one-of-a-kind kitchen knives with exceptional lasered Blade design.

We are happy to present the program of the barbecue school in our blog. 

Grillworld® has launched the first Baden-Württemberg barbecue school since 1998. A pioneer of good BBQ pleasure in southern Germany.

Welcome to Schorndorf, at the …


The term “Grill School” was given to us by third parties many years ago because we run so many beautiful courses.

Because we have been offering barbecue courses all year round and on up to 5 days / week since 1998. Not bad either, that didn’t exist yet, so that’s what we called ourselves.

The official foundation did not take place until 2005 in neighboring Urbach. This makes us the oldest and most active barbecue school in Germany and we are very proud of that.

Almost everyone has had a barbecue and appreciates these beautiful moments. Well, we haven’t reinvented grilling and barbecuing by any means, but we can inspire you and provide valuable information for beginners and professionals alike.

Our grill school pioneered the conception and development of jury and sensory courses for the German Barbecue Association (GBA).

The Christ family has been making a decisive contribution to the development of the GBA for over 10 years with voluntary work on the board.

In any case, sociable hours and a delicious meal are always guaranteed with us. Tips on techniques, lots of recipes and a lot of experience from our grill masters make our courses a great experience. Just browse through our wide range and find your course…

Grillkurse Mai 22

THE BEST BBQ courses for May 22

Space and comfort for the participants,  Independence from unpredictable weather, beautiful garden terrace with a view of the Remstal meadows. Rustic grill room.

The use of seasonal and regional products of the highest possible quality and the avoidance of additives such as flavor enhancers – we remain true to this guideline.

We didn’t invent barbecuing either, we draw our knowledge from almost 20 years of our own experience and from working with professionally trained experts. 

Not schoolmaster-like behavior, but your fun and well-being is always our priority!

Treat yourself to a few pleasant hours, we look forward to seeing you!

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®