GÜDE kitchen knives series The Knife & Synchros

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GÜDE blade series are bewitchingly beautiful creations

GÜDE is one of the most innovative knife manufacturers in the world. When we visited the forge in Solingen, the city of blades, we were surprised by the elegance.  

At the same time combined with the power in a kitchen knife, completely impressed. In the GF showroom. Dr. Born GF, beguiling knife creations are lined up.

Breadsaws long and powerful, sharp as a chainsaw. Knives like battleships effortlessly parting the waves. Sabers and blades like those from distant continents that have finally returned to European cuisine.

We absolutely had to have these exceptional knives in terms of quality and design in our TYPEMYKNIFE shop.

The extraordinary knives from GÜDE

The Solingen manufactory has stood for the combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design for four generations.

All knives that are manufactured and that we offer at TYPEMYKNIFE are made from a single piece of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel.

In the drop forging process, the steel blanks are formed three times and then painstakingly ice-hardened in two passes.

Up to fifty processing steps are necessary before a GÜDE kitchen knife is finished. The blades are mostly finished by hand. Machines are only used where they can still improve the desired quality.

The limitation to small quantities made by hand makes it possible to meet the high quality standards at GÜDE.

The company attaches just as much importance to the functionality of its products as it does to its extraordinary design. As soon as you have a knife in your hand, it impresses with its balance.

Thanks to the excellent balance, even massive knives can be easily guided. Since all kitchen knives are ground and sharpened by hand, they glide through the food that is being cut that much easier.

The manufactory has carefully thought through the handling and function of its knives. The proportion is perfectly balanced.

The strong bolster between the handle and the blade acts as a fulcrum when cutting. At the same time, the massive bolster gives the hand support while working and prevents the fingers from slipping.

The steel threads through the handle to end in a handguard. The weight of the massive tang increases the balance of the knife and makes it easy to hold and comfortable to hold.

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The Knife is probably one of the most innovative and eye-catching knife models ever.

Since the beginning of its existence, the blade forge has set itself apart from other knife manufacturers with its inventive spirit and zest for action.

After the forge had reinvented the serrated edge and turned bread knives into real bread saws, there was no stopping the development of new knife shapes.

THE KNIFE has a whole new approach to design. The function of the knife when cutting was also given a lot of thought.

The shape and grip of this knife are absolutely innovative. The even, elegantly curved cutting edge stretches well below the handle. This puts the hand partly over the cutting edge.

The pivot moves forward. When weighing with the knife, the movement is not from behind, but from above. Brilliant. The proportion has also changed.

The cutting edge is long and curved in an arc. In relation to this, the handle is small. Quite logical, because the weight is now on the blade and the handle does not have to counterbalance the blade.

In proportion form and materiality, this knife is an eye-catcher, an aha experience. A revelation on first use.

For TYPEMYKNIFE we have chosen THE KNIFE series -Olive. The warm southern wood forms a beautiful liaison with the massive piece of steel. We liked that.

THE KNIFE is also available with barrel oak or grenadilla handles. That didn’t make the decision any easier.

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GÜDE The Knife Olive

GÜDE Synchros

As usual, the Synchros knife series is breaking new ground. With this kitchen knife, the focus is on ergonomics.

How can you design a knife that is literally an extension of your hand? GÜDE succeeded. Hand and knife form a unit.

The movement when cutting is shown in the shape of the knife. Regardless of the length of the blade, a knife from the Synchros series cuts effortlessly.

This will also be due to the fact that the grip invites you to change the position of your hand. Slightly set back, you have a secure hold, but a new cutting feeling.

The saber-shaped blade remains a tool that does its job reliably.  Synchros, as the name suggests, synchronises man and tool, hand and knife.

It doesn’t matter whether they work as usual, or in the hybrid or encroachment posture. Hand and knife become one.

All of the ergonomic benefits aside, the Synchros series is extremely appealing in terms of shape. The flamed oak handle looks warm but is extremely stable. Fits perfectly with the pointed sharp blade. Also a successful symbiosis. All in all a very special knife.      

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GÜDE Synchros Kochmesser 23 cm


TYPEMYKNIFE® 3D engraving configurator

You can design all of the kitchen knives we offer in our shop in our TYPEMYKNIFE 3D configurator. There you can design which motif you would like to have in deep black on the blade. We realize your design using 3D laser engraving.


Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®