The 3D knife engraving configurator

The 3D knife engraving configurator | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

TYPEMYKNIFE® the 3D knife configurator. This is how you can design your own cooking knife

With TYPEMYKNIFE®, the entire kitchen knife blade is your individual painting surface,

In our  knife configurator we have the canvas on which you can be creative yourself.

No matter what motif, with TYPEMYKNIFE® you can realize any design wish.

In our configurator, you put motifs, graphics, images and writing on the blade next to and on top of each other. You decide on the composition of the graphics you have designed.

We realize your little work of art using laser technology. The black image engraved on the surface with laser light is immortalized permanently and abrasion-resistant on the blade.

Let yourself be inspired by our design templates. Get creative.

You have a specific idea in mind? A gift for men, friends or loved ones whom you want to make happy. A thank you, a gift as a personalized gift.

The fast car might fit. A fish on a hook. A mermaid? You can find many such motifs at TYPEMYKNIFE® in the gallery of the 3D configurator.

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The 3D knife engraving configurator | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

The gallery. Here we offer almost a hundred image motifs optimized for the knife blade

In the gallery you will find six appealing categories that summarize the selection of images by topic

Under the Tattoo section

You have a large selection of motifs. Stimulating and surprising drawings can be found there. We have focused on full-surface motifs.

These motifs fill the entire blade. They give a unified picture. The blade is the picture ground, the canvas. The templates range from patterns to snakes, runes, dragons and skulls to medieval court ladies.

Under the heading Land Wind and Sea

find most of what’s happening in the wet element, shark, octopus, ship and mermaid. On land, the flora and medieval backdrop. The wind blows the compass shows the way.

Another category is Drive and Fly. Clearly car, plane, motorcycle and much more.

Gourmets and chefs find their motifs under Drink and Eat.

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Fish Crayfish Shellfish. Fruit and vegetables. The kitchen itself with all its tools and 

the chef in his fateful connection to food and the kitchen.

Love Live and Death, another section.

Love, having fun in life, knights and generosity must not be missing.

The last section is called Animals.

Deer Fish Hunt. Exotic and edible creatures. There is a lot to discover in this section.

All of our design templates are optimized for the knife blade. We offer you large-scale patterns and images that you can place over the entire blade.

So the image fills the blade edge-to-edge. Be inspired, for example, by star chef Benjamin Maerz  Maerz & March Bietigheim-Bissingen

All templates are very high-contrast so that the dark lasering stands out clearly from the steel of the blade.

Among the diverse motifs, depending on taste or occasion, TYPEMYKNIFE also likes to be cheeky or ironic.

You can open the images from our design templates in the configurator using the “Gallery” button.

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The whole internet is at your fingertips.

You can upload any templates, designs and logos from the Internet.

In your web browser, enter your search term such as cat, heart, anchor or the title of a famous painting in the search bar. To limit the selection, add terms such as black and white graphics, etc.

Switch from the “All” selection to the “Pictures” selection, now you have an infinite selection of motifs to choose from.

In the configurator you can upload all images in JPG format and as PNG larger than one megabyte. You can recognize PNG files by the gray checkered background.

If the graphic is offered as a vector file: SVG, this is also possible. The minimum size does not apply here, which is an advantage.

In the configurator, images can be uploaded from the PC under the “Computer” button. You can open the images from our design templates using the “Gallery” button.

Here are a few image providers with an extensive selection of motifs

The 3D knife engraving configurator | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

What is the best image, which template do I choose?

High-contrast images with strong lines and clear black areas stand out best against the steel of the blade. Thin and small-scale originals recede somewhat against the silver-grey color of the knife steel.

Impressive, all-over motifs, the entire blade as a picture

A real eye-catcher are knife blades, which are patterned in their entirety over the entire surface.

In our design templates, we have attached great importance to providing large patterns and images for all-over design.

Photos can be displayed in full format on the blade

Be creative and design with your own photos

Your design is reflected on the blade in black. Choose images that have good resolution and lots of detail. These can be wonderfully displayed on the knife. Combine your artwork with text.

The conversion of images into grid points makes a light-dark gradient possible. The image appears in shades of gray on the knife steel.  Such a graphic implementation is complex but also very effective.

Just write to us or use our contact form. We try to realize your design wishes. 

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Expand your artwork. Convey a message, make a gift individually.

Font, text and logos as design elements.

A few words make knife design personal. The knife gift gets a dedication, a good wish, a declaration of love? You decide. We offer a wide variety of fonts in our configurator. From modern letters to classic Antiqua.

The letters can be placed and rotated in any size on the knife. Text, image and graphics can be individually combined with each other. In our gallery you will find specially prepared graphics and logos. Laurel wreaths in which you can insert a year. Hearts with banderole to write on.

In the second part of our block on designing art and graphics on your kitchen knife blade, we accompany you through the creative work in our knife configurator.


Individuell Küchenmesser gestalten in 3D

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®

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