Foodkolumna a food blogger from the Ostalb

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Foodkolumna, a dedicated and charming food blogger from the Ostalb, who  presents regional companies and entrepreneurs.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® got to know Foodkolumna through social media on the internet and became aware of your Instagram account. Of course, on this occasion we immediately thought about starting a joint project to support our mutual reach and awareness. .

This contact has turned into a very nice acquaintance and this of course led us at TYPEMKYNIFE® to the idea of developing a unique, personal knife design for your passion for food blogging. 


The knife design for Foodkolumna

What is more important for a food blogger than the radius of your work, the Ostalb and the Ries. A fantastic region, full of interesting culinary places and secrets.

A guardian of classic food preparation and yet very interesting combinations of tradition and modernity. 

Foodkolumna a food blogger from the Ostalb | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

The Foodkolumna knife design and what we at TYPEMYKNIFE® have lasered onto the sharp blade. 

The Sword Front

Anyone who comes from the Ostwuerttemberg region, who  knows the distinctive symbols and signs that we lasered onto the front of your BURGVOGEL blade have.

It is the scope of their activities, the Stadt Schwäbisch Gmünd with the cathedral and the Königsturn, the Heidenheimer Schloss Hellenstein, the Reimlinger Tor Nördlingen and the famous church tower Daniel, and last but not least the town of Aalen with its Roman past and the popular eel tree. As a conclusion, the television and radio tower on the Braunenberg towering above.  

The back of the blade

Of course, Food Kolumna wanted to see some matching icons about your passion for food on your blade. She sent us a great vector file with many illustrations of delicious food. 

The fact that the chicken was in the center was of course chosen entirely by chance. The depiction of a chicken is already a delicate affair of food in Max and Moritz. Let’s meet exactly the topic that inspires the blogger food column.  

Foodkolumna a food blogger from the Ostalb | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

Let’s let Foodkolumna speak for itself and tell you about her intention.

What is Food Column and where am I going?

I am a food blogger who features restaurants, cafes, farm shops and local food businesses.

I am mainly in the districts of Ostalbkreis, Heidenheim and Donau-Ries, but also in the neighboring districts.

As a food blogger, I share my passion for food and drink with my followers.
I’ve been a foodie for many years and I love trying new restaurants , dishes and culinary trends to discover.

But I don’t want to reveal who exactly is behind Foodkolumna. I want my blog to be all about food and related businesses.

Foodkolumna a food blogger from the Ostalb | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

What made me do this?

My enthusiasm for food and drink motivated me to start a food column.

I noticed that people always like to go to the same restaurant or café and sometimes don’t even know the small local businesses in the neighborhood.

With my blog I want to present all the cool companies in our region and share them with my followers.
I don’t want to make a specific assessment but report on it factually so that everyone can form their own picture of it. Because taste is known to be a matter of taste.

By writing about and recommending local businesses, I support local economies and promote county development.
This creates awareness for these companies and their products, and to make them better known.

Regional shopping often has the advantage that the products are fresh and sustainable or that they are produced and grown on site. This also reduces the environmental impact of transport and packaging.


How do I get to TYPEMYKNIFE® / knife development?

I came across TYPEMYKNIFE® by accident on Instagram and was immediately enthusiastic about the concept. Especially that is produced directly on site in Schwäbisch Gmünd. When designing the knife, it was important to me to show both sides of Foodkulumna. On the one hand the variety of food in our region. On the other hand, the cities where I travel the most and the associated love of home.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® can only agree with this charming statement and wish Foodkolumna continued success with their food blog.

The 3D configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE®

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