Thuja tree of life for kitchen knives

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Thuja is the wood of the tree of life. A life saver for seafarers.

Legendary woods-high-tech materials-solid steel, buffalo horn and acrylic.

Handle materials bring beauty, grace, elegance, or absolute functionality to kitchen knife design.

The variety of handle materials makes kitchen knives much more than just cooking tools.

He exudes a certain character. Mediterranean warmth, local, hard and durable depending on the type of wood.

The handle fits into the ambience of the kitchen and speaks about the taste of the chef. The handle underlines the claim of the knife as a gift.

We have different woods, native, mediterranean and exotic. Plastics, horn handles and much more. Processed into perfect kitchen knives by the best knife manufacturers in Europe

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Thuja is the wood of the tree of life. A life saver for seafarers.

The tree of life Thuja occidentalis was one of the first known remedies against scurvy. Hence the name.

French sailors benefited from the high vitamin C content of the evergreen branches on long voyages. The green of the thuja tree was used medicinally against respiratory infections and bacterial and viral diseases.

As a medicinal plant, the right amount of use and dosage is of course crucial. The branch tips and cones of the tree of life also contain the neurotoxic thujone, which is used as a drug.

The wood is absolutely food-safe in the kitchen.

Today, Thuja is a widespread tree and a popular hedge plant.

Thuja, Latin Thuja occidentalis is generally the occidental tree of life. The thuja originally came from eastern North America.

The tree of life can reach a trunk diameter of up to one meter depending on the climate and speed of growth. The wood of the tree of life is not so dense and therefore correspondingly light.

The red-brown to light yellow heartwood is very stable and therefore well suited as a handle material. It hardly shrinks during drying and is considered dimensionally stable.

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Thuja, a fragrant wood of the tree of life 

Resistant to moisture, ideal as a kitchen knife handle material.

Even if you smell a kitchen knife after years of use, the Thuja handle still exudes its special aromatic scent.

The scent of the essential oils is cedar and floral. Since the wood is very water-resistant, it is used for boat and hydraulic structures, shingles, fence posts and masts.

Of course, this moisture resistance is a welcome feature when it comes to knife handles. Thuja tolerates a damp environment, does not swell and does not form a gap between steel and wood.

Cedar scent, the smell of essential oils

Thuja, the tree of life, enriches the kitchen with beautifully grained wooden handles on kitchen knives. In the long run, the wood gives off a fine smell of fir thanks to its essential oils.

The oils and slow growth make thuja a water-resistant, ideal starting material for the manufacture of kitchen knife handles.

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TYPEMYKNIFE® and its Thuja-tree of life kitchen knives

We have the following professional kitchen knives from knife manufacturer Giesser with Thuja handles in our range.

The knife manufacturer Giesser in Winnenden has been family-owned for six generations. Giesser relies on high-quality materials and consistently high quality.

Giesser develops innovative, highly aesthetic knife creations with a great deal of passion and Swabian precision. One of them is the Giesser PremiumCut Barbecue Chefs No. 1 series.

These kitchen knives have been specially developed to meet the needs and work requirements of the grill.

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The Giesser PremiumCUT kitchen knife series, the perfect tools for grill professionals

Anyone who is passionate about BBQ needs an attractive tool.
You are handling large pieces of good grilled meat. Giesser has developed a large, saber-like carving knife and a massive, heavy chopper.

With the Giesser PremiumCut Barbecue Chefs No.1 Thuja, Gieser has a sharp and sufficiently long knife developed. With one pull you can cut precise slices of large grilled food.

The Hacker Giesser PremiumCut Chefs No.1 Thuja 22 cm is a massive piece of steel. With one stroke it cuts through even the thickest bones.
All knives in the beautiful Premium Cut No.1 Thuja series have wonderful Thuja wood handles.

All blades in the Premium series are tailored for use on the grill. Filleting knives, office knives and slicers are particularly sharp and robust knives for the barbecue season. The Premium Cut No.1 series in particular impresses with its fantastic thuja handles.

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Thuja handle scales on Giesser kitchen knives

The handle scales are made of thuja root wood. The root wood has a very special grain and structure.

Fine, lighter lines contrasting with dark dots and speckles cover the perfectly formed surface. A painterly composition of chiaroscuro.

One of the most beautiful and resistant wooden handles used in kitchen knives.

Giesser PremiumCut Filet No1 Thuja 17 cm
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