Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

A knife design and tattoo for Paride Giuri.

A special blade design for the sharp steel, as if engraved for his skin. A skin & steel tattoo story by TYPEMYKNIFE®

A sharp kitchen knife, the most important tool of a cooking virtuoso, as individual and personal in its use as the depiction on his skin.

We worked with him to develop a particularly personal blade design for him in collaboration with the tattoo designers from Gold & Silver Tattoo Studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd. A work of art for the steel blade and tattooed razor-sharp on his skin.

The blades from the Coltelleira Saladini from Scarperia Italy have particularly inspired him. 

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

Paride Giuri & Meta Hiltebrand and the connection to TYPEMYKNIFE®

Meta Hiltebrand, an artist who is as creative visually as she is at the stove. Inspiring like her genre fetish Sailor Moon. A strong and special personality led us to Paride Giuri.

Last year, we had already developed a special blade design for Meta, with her favorite motifs. The result was an iconic and seductive photo.

The fact that this work could also be continued in the best possible way at Paride was a special recommendation from Meta herself. We are very grateful to her for networking us with creative chefs from the Swiss culinary scene.

The fact that we were able to convince Paride not only to develop a blade design with him, but also to have these creations engraved on his skin makes us particularly proud. A crazy story, as individual as the protagonists involved.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the people involved

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

Davos, Paride’s home, is a magnet not only for the rich and supposedly beautiful of this world.

Paride grew up and was born in one of the most fashionable ski resorts in the world, Davos in Switzerland. A child of southern Italian parents who, like so many Italians, tried their luck in the north in the 1970s.

His parents actually only wanted to stay in Davos for one season and then decided to move the center of their lives there. The fact that this turned into a love story with the birth of Paride was not originally planned.

What is it about Davos that makes an Italian from the south want to settle down in the cold Swiss mountains? It’s not just economic reasons, no, the region is also an excellent base for starting a family. After all, it offers the best prospects of success and a happy life for a future family.

Paride’s parents moved back to their old home after retiring. Paride now lives in Zurich with his wife and a cute little daughter and mainly works in Davos during the winter season.

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

How does a man like Paride become a virtuoso in the kitchen? The influencer lifestyle of an Italian family.

Bella Italia, markets full of the most delicious, exquisite dishes spilling over the tables. The piazza is a social meeting place and the center of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

If you experience this as a child and then grow up in a family that prepares fresh food at home, you will never forget the smell of deliciously fresh delicacies.

Paride’s first drastic and boiling experiences of an apprenticeship

If you already live in Davos, you don’t have to worry for long about a possible job in the hotel and catering industry. The work is practically on your doorstep.

Davos Top of the World Swiss Hotel Business.  A place in the mountains known for winter sports and fizzy water sipping crowds celebrating in charming furs. An international playground for perfectionist vanities. Private as well as the big political station.

Exactly the right location to be able to work in a kitchen with products that are positioned far and away from the usual nutritional norms of the normal Swiss citizen.

Paride starts his training as a chef at the Schweizer Hof in Davos, a classic hotel of the old high school of hospitality. He began his career in the patisserie. Not exactly common to experience a chef’s first hard bread in the sweet department.

The novices are more likely to be tormented in the first few months with the hated task of peeling potatoes to gain finger skills and as vegetable pluckers.

His head chef at the time recognized relatively quickly that the guy had a lot of grit and brought the ambitious young man to his side. Straight to the position of gravy boat. Not entirely without self-interest, as Paride notes, the personal adjutant assumes fine-tuning.

Don’t worry, apprenticeship years are not men’s years is an old stupid saying that still justifies the exploitation of trainees today. Since then, the impact on the shortage of employees in skilled trades has been profound.

An important point that Paride particularly counteracts through its commitment to its young employees. Professional development of young talent and competent training are very important to him.

Paride Giuri
Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 10

From Davos to St. Moritz to the Badrutt Palace. A grand hotel in a class of its own.

Whoever is allowed to work there as a chef has the opportunity to work with the finest foods. A tribute to the zenith of the art of cooking. Paride worked there in the Kings Club Restaurant and had the chance to work with many guest chefs from all over the world.

A grand hotel like the Badrutt Palace is perfect as a melting pot of top international chefs. Cooking is always a question of curiosity and immersion in other flavors and textures. Cooking must be a perfect craft and that is and can be creatively influenced by the influences of top chefs from all over the world.

For Paride, the ideal playground to develop his own horizons, craftsmanship and sense of flavors.

From St. Moritz to Ascona, a stage with Ivo Adam, the world champion of Swiss chefs. A formative experience that also helped Paride in the area of concept development.

He then came to the Vitznauerhof on Lake Lucerne via Ivo Adam’s sous-chef. A hideaway hotel with a very attractive Art Nouveau ambience. There he worked as a sous-chef in the 16-point gourmet restaurant.

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

The Gold Coast of the city of Zurich is reaching out to Paride Giuri.

Of course, a big city with an international audience like Zurich is a magnet for an aspiring young chef and offers a wide range of development opportunities. Whether as a sought-after fine dining specialist in member club restaurants, Asian fine dining temples or even classic home-style dining, which is currently experiencing a renaissance, Paride has worked in a wide variety of areas in Zurich.

Paride’s path to television: on Sat1

Paride Giuri’s talent did not go unnoticed, and he soon became a prominent face on television. As a judge in cooking competitions and guest in culinary shows, he took viewers’ hearts by storm. His charismatic personality and ability to present complex culinary concepts in an understandable and engaging manner made him a crowd favorite.

The emergence of a food concept developer:

Paride is not only a talented chef but also an excellent observer. He realized that food is not limited to the plate but encompasses a comprehensive concept. This led him to food concept development, where he focused on the idea of eating as an experience. His creations are not just dishes, but complete stories that combine emotions, memories and taste.

The art of storytelling in gastronomy:

Paride Giuri is a master of storytelling in gastronomy. He understands how to tell a story through ingredient selection, flavors and presentation. His concepts range from reviving forgotten recipes from regional cuisine to modern fusion dishes that fuse different cultures and traditions.

Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 14

The future of food concept development:

Paride Giuri is a visionary who is shaping the future of food concept development. His relentless drive for perfection and passion for creating unique culinary experiences makes us excited to see what exciting concepts he will develop in the future.

His work reminds us that food is more than just food intake – it is an art form that connects people, tells stories and creates memories.

In Paride Giuri, we see not just a food concept developer, but an artist and visionary who is leading the world of gastronomy in an exciting and inspiring direction.

H-Page Paride Giuri
Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 16

Executive chef Paride Giuri and Miteinander GmbH   

Zurich never let him go as a city. The fact that he came across Miteinander GmbH and that this led to a long-term commitment was a beautiful and fruitful coincidence.

Miteinander GmbH is an association of different restaurants and concepts that couldn’t be more different. But what unites them all is a creative team that thinks about the topics of synergy effects and gastronomic concepts so that the project is a success for everyone involved. Together is not just a name, but also the program of society.

Paride first started as head chef for this company and over time has developed the food concepts for various new editions of gastronomic concepts.

He sees this as a particularly personal highlight  Valär stable project in Davos.

A reminiscence of his youth and homeland. An old cattle stable that was converted into an attractive gastronomic highlight and has since achieved great success in the winter season.

Paride works in Zurich in the summer and mainly in Davos in the winter season. Despite the many tasks, he manages to always keep his family and his little daughter in focus. His wife is a professional restaurateur herself with an understanding of unconventional lifestyles in this business.

stall Valär Davos
Paride Giuri The creative top chef from Zurich | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 18

The tattoo, the knife steel and the start of a creative collaboration

The fact that we at TYPEMYKNIFE® were able to convince Paride with the crazy story of designing a knife for you and then having it engraved on your skin immediately afterwards really surprised us in a positive way. The spontaneity of Paride and the extremely nice contact with him during the planning phase of our collaboration was first class.

You can read the whole story of how the knife design came about and how it was then immortalized on Paride’s skin in the next TYPEMYKNIFE® blog story.

A touch of luxury and precision

The 3D knife engraving from TYPEMYKNIFE® is more than just an aesthetic element. It adds a touch of luxury and precision to your kitchen knives. Every cut becomes an experience where you can feel the precision and care that has been invested in the engraving. This is a tribute to the craftsmanship and craftsmanship that are so important in the kitchen.

The perfect gift

A kitchen knife personalized with 3D engraving from TYPEMYKNIFE® is not just for personal use. It is also a perfect gift for a cooking enthusiast, friend or family member. It shows that you have put thought into it and is a gift that will be remembered.

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