The 3D engraving configurator for your knife

3D Gravur Konfigrator

How does the  3D engraving configurator by TYPEMYKNIFE®?

On our website you can choose one of 350 knives and place your own design on the blade. We engrave your picture in deep black on your desired knife.

The way to get there is very simple.

There are 2 ways, directly via the menu or via the shop in the detailed view.

  1. Choose your knife by search, use, or manufacturer.
  2. Have you found your knife – press the “Configurator” button
  3. The knife loads as a 3D model – stay cool, the amount of data is not small and requires all your computing power. This will take a moment.
  5. Choose a motif from Upload Gallery, or upload your own motif as a JPEG, preferably in black and white via the computer. The image must be larger than 1Mb.
  6. Alternatively, you can upload SVG files.
  7. If you load a photo, note that black and white images have better contrasts for processing.
The 3D engraving configurator for your knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 2

8. Now you can customize your design, enlarge, rotate, mirror…

9. Now turn the knife and work the other side of the blade, or choose Front, Back.

10. You can also add text to either side of the blade. A selection of fonts is available.

11. Complete? – then press ORDER NOW. Your draft will appear as a draft in your account under SAVED KNIVES   saved.

12. Use the social media button SHARE and send screenshots of your design directly to your friends.

13. When you are satisfied and have checked everything, press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

14. Play with the configurator even if you don’t want to buy a knife now and share your design with your friends. It is a 3D    game for knife lovers.

The 3D engraving configurator for your knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

TYPEMYKNIFE® realizes your design idea on your knife.< /a>

Now comes our part. We receive your design. We take a close look at everything.

If there are any questions, we will contact our customers immediately. Sometimes a spelling mistake has crept in. Or we can still improve the quality.

Of course not without consultation. With our laser engraving we implement the motif on the blade. We laser engrave the image slowly onto the blade without generating much heat.

This guarantees that the steel will not change or warp. The slow process makes deep black, abrasion-resistant lettering possible.

The surface change is so small that you don’t feel any difference in height. We are the only ones who laser motives in such an enormous size onto the blade in one piece.

There are no heels and differences in engraving texture. TYPEMYKNIFE® realizes your knife design as a laser engraving on your knife.

The 3D engraving configurator for your knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

Unique laser engraving, large sound-filling motifs

You will also only find the option of designing a motif yourself with us. A ready-made selection of motifs is also available from other manufacturers.

At TYPEMYKNIFE you are the artists. Create your own motif. Place, mirror and rotate as needed.

The combination of several images and text is also unique. Such a knife is not only something that is personally tailored to you, but also  an ideal gift.

The laser engraving is permanent.

Nevertheless, the knife should never be cleaned in the dishwasher. But that applies to all kitchen knives.

The harsh detergent and salts in the dishwasher attack steel and the handle material. The knife can get small spots of rust and will definitely become blunt.

Be careful. Wooden handles do not tolerate the dishwasher under any circumstances. Fruit acids generally attack stainless steel knives.

The 3D engraving configurator for your knife | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and personalize your selected knife from the TYPEMYKNIFE® shop.  Use our 3D configurator to individually design your personal chef’s knife with writing, text  and graphics or your own picture.

Design freely and without limits, be creative. Use the variety of our design templates or load your own photos into the configurator. Combine your picture with text and writing, or a message to your loved ones. A very personal gift.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our high class laser technology permanently in deep black both sides of the blade.