The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame

The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

Hohl on Flame aka Dominik Hohl in the leading role of a meat sommelier

What distinguishes a connoisseur of good taste?

It must be part of its own manufacturing process.

The product that you love, into which you transfer all your passion, that is the final result, which leads to enthusiasm among the guests.

The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 4

The transformation into a pleasure ambassador for exquisite meat.

Taking up your father’s job and following in his footsteps is not profane, but it’s not unusual either.

In many cases there is a pronounced rebellion in youth so as not to swim in the same waters as the parents.
No, on the contrary, rebellion against good taste does not seem to have been pronounced in him.

The formative years 
Any child who is surrounded by the smells of a sausage kitchen every day will never forget it.

I remember the village slaughter in the 1970s as a child. That must have happened to Dominik too.

Anyway, the boy couldn’t help but follow in the footsteps inherited in his parents’ genes.
The beginning of a wonderful friendship with wonderful food.

The history of the butcher shop Hohl in Obersulm

Obersulm, not exactly the hub of the world, but a beautiful place with lovely people.

Wherever wine grows, the people of the region are always a bit more relaxed and inclined towards good pleasure.

Did the parents die Hohl butcher’s shop in the year  opened in 1985. A daring step, since the supermarketization of meat counters is already in full swing this decade.

Not so with the Hohl family. Right from the start, uncompromising quality was consistently used here, and this ultimately also proved to be the result.

Dominik was just 3 years old when it opened. An age for very formative experiences, as was to be shown later.

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Apprenticeship years and travel 

Even if the parents’ business is a butcher’s shop, you have to face the apprenticeship years and preferably go on a few days of wandering.

After all, hiking and sniffing at other sausage kettles is an important prerequisite for being able to get a differentiated idea of a good sausage.

It’s no different with artists. Whoever plays the same keyboard will never be able to set his own compositions.

This is reflected today in the company’s own displays of fine sausages, pies and spices.

The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 8

The philosophy behind creating Hohl on Flame

What could be more refreshing than processing healthy animals into healthy food. After all, the region is known for excellent pig breeds and lush green meadows for excellent beef.

Apart from the fact that one is by no means averse to devoting the attention and love it deserves to the native game.

Dominik is a passionate hunter and passionate processor of his hunted meat and is known for exquisite specialties.

Hunters who are friends of his from afar also deliver their game to him, because they know that a master will conjure up the finest credenza from it.

Regional is not just a hollow marketing campaign, here the relationship with the producers counts for a lot and is lovingly maintained.

If the butcher doesn’t know how carefully the animal grew up, he can’t conjure up exquisite sausages and tender steaks from a stressed-out animal.

The professional immediately recognizes something called pale soft and executive meat as inferior goods. The layman in the nitrogen-sealed supermarket packaging.

Dominik understands perfectly that he will not make any compromises in this part of the selection of his basic products.

The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 10

From nose to tail, a rediscovered passion.

Anyone who has ever cooked in the French kitchen knows that everything is processed there. One of my personal favorites is baked calf’s head. A revelation of taste for which I like some steak  leave it.

The long-forgotten thing has also revived in the butcher scene. Various pioneers such as Lucki Maurer as a star chef and butcher are not entirely uninvolved.

Dominik enjoyed further training as a meat sommelier with Lucki Maurer and breathed in a lot of his philosophy. A friendship that lasts to this day.

HOHL on FLAME aka Dominik Hohl and his love of barbecue

If anyone knows anything about BBQ, it’s probably the one who produces the exquisite ingredients. After all, he gives various courses and training courses so that the customers of his products don’t lose their meat in the pan.

We also find his commitment fantastic when he shows school children how sausages are made in workshops.

Meat is and should always be a special food. An animal that died to feed us. It is important for him to teach this to children and to have respect for every living being.

Dominik Hohl, an expert in his field, an ambassador of good taste.

The knife for Dominik Hohl from Hohl on Flame | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 12

The knife for Dominik Hohl aka Hohl on Flame

We created a special blade design for Dominik Hohl according to his ideas.

Based on a  Giesser chef’s knife with a 20 cm long blade from the Best Cut series with a beautiful olive wood handle has resulted in a very personal blade design.

His passion for being a butcher and meat sommelier came about on the left side of the blade. The Hohl on Flame logo, prose about his passion and an image of a tomahawk steak.

The right side of the blade is dedicated to his passion for being a hunter. Dedicated to the friends of Jagdstolz. A scene as it appears to a hunter in a dream in front of the hide.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE were very happy to give him great personal pleasure in owning an absolutely personal one-off.

We look forward to a long friendship and cooperation with him.

Claus & Thomas from TYPEMYKNIFE®


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