Italian kitchen knives from Scarperia Florence

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Kkitchen knife from Scarperia region Florence Italy in the TYPEMYKNIFE® Shop

With us you will find the highest quality kitchen knives in Europe. All knives offered in our shop meet high quality criteria.

Best workmanship. Multi hardened stainless steel. Good balance.

Wear-resistant, robust handle materials. Seamless, kitchen suitability. TYPEMYKNIFE attaches great importance to the good design, innovation, handling and ergonomics of its products. You will definitely find the knife you want here.

We offer the possibility to design all the blades of our knives using our 3D configurator. We at TYPEMYKNIFE use laser technology to engrave your motif in deep black on your desired knife.

An ideal, personal gift for your loved ones, friends or business partners. Or for yourself, as a highlight in your own kitchen.

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Scarperia Firenze the city of coltelliers in Italy

Scarperia, a small town in Tuscany. In this unique city at the gates of Florence. There, as in Solingen for Germany or Thiers  in France, the knife city of Italy.

The best knife manufacturers gather here in one place. We have listed the two outstanding knife manufacturers at TYPEMYKNIFE.

Coltellerie Berti una lunga storia

Kitchen knife by Coltellerie Berti Scarperia

The Knife manufacturer Berti has been in the family home for over a hundred years. Berti makes high-quality manual work. He only uses the best materials.

When you visit Berti, you will be infected by the enthusiasm for his variety of materials. He uses wood, plastic and exquisite buffalo horn for the handles of his typically Italian curved knives.

We offer four series in our shop  from Berti.  Among them the series Collezione Cucina Corno di Bue. All Berti kitchen knives are traditionally drop-forged and made of high-quality stainless steel.

Grinded by hand and honed by hand. The handle shape is particularly striking and typically Italian.

Collezione Cucina Corno di Bue 

A conical, slightly curved handle has prevailed in the Italian chef’s knife tradition.

In the Colletzione Cucina Corno di Bue series, this one is made of beautiful  Horn of old buffalo made.

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Collezione Cucina Plexiglass Rosso.

The kitchen knives in this series are identical in shape and manufacture to those previously described.

Like all Coltelleria Berti knives, they are made with the highest precision and are reliable tools for everyday use in the kitchen.

The Collezione Cucina Plexiglass Rosso also has this Italian, shapely, curved handle.

The beautiful warm red tint of the stable acrylic glass that was used is striking. A small decorative rivet on the handle of both knives is the distinguishing feature of Berti from Tuscany.

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Collezione Cucina Pro Plexiglass Crema.

The Cucina Pro series are knives that combine the virtues that a kitchen knife should have. Drop-forged stainless steel.

A perfect geometry of the blade. Highest sharpness by hand trigger. Ergonomically designed handle that reduces fatigue when cutting.

The handle material is particularly stable Berti Plexiglas Crema series. Acrylic, colored cream. Three strong rivets that hold the handle scales seamlessly to the tang.

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Collezione Cucina Pro Plexiglass Rosso.

As the name of this series suggests, these are knives from the Cucina Pro Plexiglass Rosso series . The handle is red plexiglass, hard acrylic.

The blade and processing as previously described. The Cucina Pro series are knives that leave nothing to be desired.

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Kitchen knife from Coltelleria Saladini Scarperia

The knife manufacturer Coltelleria Saladini is one of the outstanding knife manufacturers in Italy.

Saladini looks back on a long tradition. As early as the 19th century, Saladini was making cutlery for the clergy.

Twenty years ago there was a decisive change in the design of the knife series at Saladini. Giacomo Cecchi, a renowned designer develops with  Leonardo Saladini’s very own new knife shapes.

The result is high-quality kitchen tools suitable for everyday use with a unique design. The blades are large, but look as light as a feather, the shapes are soft and cuddly.

The curved handle contributes to this harmonious overall impression.

We discovered three series at Saladini that we are happy to present at TYPEMYKNIFE.

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Collezione Cucina Bocote.

All knives in the Collezione Cucina Bocote series are drop-forged from a single piece of X46Cr13 stainless steel and tempered to 56 to 57 HRC hardened.

The extended feather-shaped blade ends in an elegant narrow bolster. The handles made of Bocote wood are attached to the tang and seamlessly connected to the bolster  connected.

Bocote is a robust precious wood from Central America. The dark, walnut-colored hardwood has an attractive fine grain

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Collezione Cucina boxwood.

The knives from the Saladini Collezione Cucina boxwood have the elegantly curved blades and the narrow, waisted bolster.

The handles are conical, curved and handcrafted from solid wood. The handles naturally nestle in the user’s hand.

As the name suggests, the handle material in this series is boxwood.

Boxwood has been processed into everyday objects since ancient times. It is a hard, resilient wood. Evenly colored and finely grained.

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Collezione Cucina  Olivia.

These knives also belong to the Saladini Collezione Cucina Oivo series

The modern, timelessly designed blades combined with the elegantly curved handles, designed by Leonardo Saladini and Ciacomo Gecchi.

The handle material here is beautifully seasoned olive wood with an interesting grain. Of course, each handle is colored differently according to the structure of the natural material. 

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The 3D engraving configurator from TYPEMYKNIFE®

All knives that we offer in our shop can be designed in the 3D engraving configurator.

We realize your design by means of engraving and laser technology on the blade.

The motif is worked into the material in a deep black and durable, gentle manner without damaging the surface of the blade steel.

We would be happy to advise you on the production of series or special motifs.  

Der 3D Gravur Konfigurator für dein Küchenmesser by TYPEMYKNIFE®