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Kevin Kecskes

Kevin Kecskes, passion for cooking.

The young years up to the journeyman’s exam

Kevin sees the world’s first rays of sunshine in 1987 near Berlin.

Berlin’s cuisine isn’t exactly the El Dorado of culinary art, but he’s already brought to the table everything that can be formed from classic cuisine.

He always spent his youth near a kitchen. He says of himself that the smells and sensuality have always fascinated him anew. He was already working in student cafés and was active in various working groups that had always revolved around the topic of table culture.

The further path of life seemed predetermined.

Apprenticeship years are still not master years

Following what might have been a predetermined path, he began training as a chef in a nondescript hotel right after school. Not the big world, no stars and points reminiscences.

No, he learned how to work quickly, conscientiously and properly, as he says of himself.

He also got a taste of his colleagues in the butcher’s trade and was allowed to do various internships in butchers’ shops. A skill that is very rare for chefs today to master the professional cutting and production of sausage products.

The packaged piece of butchered meat is the usual size these days.

Who today can still pull a deer out of a blanket, cut a leg of veal into its precious pieces or celebrate boning techniques and keep an eye on the maturation of the good pieces.

Virtues that are a prerequisite in the profession of a chef to start another career.

Working with his hands, the feeling and also the pain when the knife causes a sharp deep cut again and again is what Kevin always wanted to do, despite all the hardships that the profession of cook entails. Pure honest craftsmanship.

Bread & butter, black pudding & Sauerkraut, that’s what he likes best. The taste of his childhood.

How much he would like to have Italian or French roots had. After all, he loves the culture of sensual enjoyment, the exuberant abundance of the markets and the almost endless creativity of Mediterranean cuisine.

To this day, he is also fascinated by having a table full of food and sharing it with many. For him, socializing and eating are inseparable.

The leap into great freedom

He had this experience of Mediterranean nonchalance as an exchange student at a boarding school in Champagne in 2005.

These impressions have had a significant impact on him and are deeply burned into his memories. What could be nicer than enjoying the sweet fruits of pleasure in Champagne.

The lure of Bavarian joie de vivre

In 2007 the Bavarian way of life called him and he moved to the lively city of Munich.

A perceived culture shock at first, as he says. After all, his staff room was directly above the Pschorr Brauhaus on the Theresienwiese and that was when he entered Munich during the Oktoberfest.

The faint-hearted would then have returned from Sodom and Gomorrah. Not Kevin. He quickly made a career in the Pschorr Inn on the Viktualienmarkt and became chef de partie. To this day, he maintains a friendship with his former colleagues. The innkeeper and the inn.

2015 – 2018 Kevin then worked at Heart, Restaurant & Bar. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, of course also great food and the full sinecure of life, until the authorities turned the key and put an end to the exuberant hustle and bustle of guests.

Kevin’s part was responsible for the great food, as he says, the gastronomic management under Florian Gürter’s authority. He learned a lot of important things about Asian cuisine from him, which still shapes him today.

Career and putting down roots

Kevin Kecskes has been the head chef for the 5* Hotel München Palace of the Kuffler Group in the center of Munich since 2018. After all, he celebrates a Euro-Asian kitchen style with down-to-earth influences from his origins.

He is committed to promoting young talent and also surprises with his involvement in his podcast BISSFEST.

He signed the contract to work for the Kuffler Group with a wink in the wine tent at the Oktoberfest. He didn’t tell us how many glasses of wine there were.

The Digital Project – Bissfest Kochcast

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