Rainer Klutsch is the cooking chameleon

rainer klutsch

Cooking is a metamorphosis passion for Rainer Klutsch.

Celebrating traditional cooking to perfection as a creative cooker artist and food & media concepts developer 

  1. Rainer’s wild years, first law then the insurance businessman
  2. The attraction of a cooker, the way to the creative food manger.
  3. Kitchen on Fire, the anarchic playroom for cooker artist Rainer Klutsch
  4. The Klutsch cooking school in Stuttgart’s Heusteig district
  5. The enfant terrible of cooking television
  6. The Klutsch concept studio, a creative food & media concept forge 
  7. The cooperation of Rainer Klutsch and TYPEMYKNIFE®

1. Rainers Klutsch’s wild young years, first law then insurance salesman

A gifted musician, Hans Hölzel alias Falco has put down one of the most accurate quotes about the untamed 80s and 90s.

“Whoever can remember those times has not experienced them.”

The author, himself a customer of that decade and also following the call of freedom, reflects his experiences in a discovering way in the character of Rainer Klutsch.

For what should a law degree be right in the result? Either one takes an oath to the state, well, to become an unloved child of society as a judge without mercy. Or, following the direction of the law, you can be annoyed by the rose wars of bickering spouses or perfidiously stupid neighbours.

The accolade is then the employment of lowbrow, dilettantish amateur criminals. Sensible criminals are very seldom in court and therefore never in a law firm as an interesting interlocutor and promising client.

One thing is certain, in the case of the legal profession, the cash is always right.

Following the scolding of his parents, he had to find a profession and get a good education, then he would be able to do something afterwards.

Which ex-law student in search of meaning does not have these sayings in his ear?  It was not foreseeable that law would turn into an insurance salesman. In this case, however, the money would have been right.

No, this professional topic, too, everything but sexy and creative, had to be ended.

The path to the kitchen stove could no longer be stopped.

rainer klutsch koch

2. The attraction of a cooker, Rainer’s path to a creative food crib

What wonderful memories are to be found at the cooker. Looking into the pots, exploring Grandma’s secret recipes and discovering the incomparable world of flavours.

Big shining children’s eyes, paws sinking into the flour, baking Gutsle and spreading the icing over the Christmas biscuits with wild brush strokes.

Even as an infant, feeding is the most elementary and dearest activity, sucking on the mother’s breast and inhaling the sweet, wonderful smell of security. It’s meal time.

What could be more interesting than cooking? What profession combines madness with creativity better than being able to give free rein to one’s unbridled power of curiosity at the cooker?

Time for Rainer Klutsch to start the real project of a lifetime.

Rainer Klutsch Kitchen on Fire

3. Kitchen on Fire, the anarchic playroom for the cooker artist Rainer Klutsch

Whoever studies will spend a large part of his free time in pubs. Be it as a pampered guest, splurging his parents’ budget, or as an observer of the humanoid nocturnal madness.

Rainer has always felt most at home as a man behind the bar. After all, gastronomy is the mirror of society and the man at the tap with his orchestra of charming waitresses and chaotic, choleric cooks is the tamer of the nightly operetta.

What could be more obvious than to start the Kitchen on Fire project. The fact that Rainer Klutsch is really serious about it can be found on his arm. Stitched into the skin for eternity. The red rings are a reminiscence of the god of the herd. A Molteni. A chef’s favourite tool.
Kitchen on Fire then became involved in catering and private fine and crazy dining.

It must be that Rainer ended up in Hamburg for a while. A chef who is not prepared to delve deeper into other pots and pans will rarely leave his horizons outside his home territory. Soida ond Linsa is certainly a cool thing and has been good for ages, but it’s not good for the spirit in the long run.

Hamburg’s Schanze also has its charms. As a cosmopolitan city, Hamburg is a magnet that has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine and shopping. It goes without saying that fresh seafood and delicacies from the sea are available here by the water than in Stuttgart’s market hall. A revelation of choice and creativity for a hero at the cooker.

It is hard for outsiders to understand why, in the time leading up to his return to Stuttgart, wild years in the trade fair and catering business, as well as catering for major events, are an attractive and non-monotonous field of activity for a chef.

Some people are drawn to faraway places, while others try to be as creative as possible and take whatever interesting orders they can get their hands on. It’s not a catering or event like the last party.

No idleness in sight in this business. At some point, the desire to find a little more serenity and tranquillity in a homebase.
The start of a cooking school in the Heusteig district in the heart of Stuttgart.

kochschule klutsch

4. Klutsch Cooking School in Stuttgart’s Heusteig district

The charm of an old butcher’s shop on Olgastrasse is to become Rainer Klutsch’s new creative centre.

An ambience compared to hip Kreuzberg in the 90s, creative, asymmetrical and above all unconventional. It goes without saying that this went down well with the Swabians in the heart of Stuttgart. The tiled ambience of a butcher’s shop fitted in perfectly, as did an old Molteni cooker from the 50s that the previous owners left behind.

As a Swabian and a worldly maitre cuisinier, I may now allow myself this statement: after all, the Swabian soul is always a little proudly naïve and homely, relying on its capabilities, especially in 4-wheeled sheet metal construction. It then tries to imitate big-city nonchalance with an accent and lifestyle that cannot be denied. This doesn’t always work, but at Rainer’s in Olgastrasse in Stuttgart it worked out perfectly. After all, Rainer spent a lot of time on the road, soaking up new inspiration.

Rainer developed his future from this location and, with the experience of creative catering, developed a cooking school that cultivated a style of serenity at the cooker.

Here, no lobster tails and horseshoe crabs were martyred in cold water, no, here the good things from grandma’s kitchen were reinterpreted and garnished with the roots of his homeland.

All this can be read and, above all, re-cooked for real in his cookbook: Am Herd meiner Oma, which he published in 2021.

The cookbook can be obtained at this link: https://rainerklutsch.de/

Rainer says of himself:

“I do not reduce gastronomy to what is on the plate. Transparency between the kitchen and the guest is my priority. The guest should see what I do and how I do it. That’s how today’s cuisine gets back the appreciation it has lost.” There is hardly an activity where time seems to stand still as it does when cooking, and yet an immense leap in development is possible within just a few moments.”

Rainer Klutsch is the cooking chameleon | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 6

5. Rainer Klutsch the jack-of-all-trades of cooking television

One thing you really have to hand it to him, Rainer is, he may forgive me, a ramp sow for the best television entertainment. He knows how to captivate his viewers with a special smile in a particularly charming and witty way.

He has proven this in many productions, starting with THE TASTE 2014, among others.

Till today, Klutsch is still a welcome guest on ARD and other channels in all kinds of formats that deal with the beloved well-being of preparing food.

He brings to the screen the relaxed informality that his viewers appreciate so much about him.

May Rainer remain with us for many more years as a cultivated anarchistic entertainer at the cooker.

ARD Buffet
Konzeptstudio Rainer Klutsch

6. The Klutsch concept studio, a creative food & media think tank 

If you read through the companies that greatly appreciate the creativity in Rainer Klutsch, these are anything but backyard companies. Yet Rainer’s creativity in concept development and unconventional approach make him a much sought-after partner. 

After all, he creates concepts for food and media that go far beyond the coffee klatch.

Rainer works for international companies and creates social media content, as well as developing food concepts for exclusive resorts that appreciate his special passion for sustainable regional cuisine with classical roots. 

What he can do that other agencies can’t is bring creative people together. To use his network to develop new ideas and to lead them to success for the benefit of the client.

The fact that he knows no limits that would restrict him in his work is a special ability that few people can claim for themselves.

That is why he is so successful in his work.

Rainer Klutsch H-Page
Rainer Klutsch is the cooking chameleon | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 9

7. The collaboration between Rainer Klutsch and TYPEMYKNIFE®

I was sitting in my office one night enjoying my creative hour. Rainer appeared on the screen and I immediately got to know him and realised that we are not that dissimilar.

After I had written to him, nothing happened for a while, until the phone suddenly rang.

Do you know the feeling when you have an unknown conversation partner whom you might have known for ages?  

That’s exactly how it was with us and we then arranged to meet in our office.

The fact that two cooks can talk forever about good tools is probably understood by every passionate craftsman. You can certainly talk about the touch of a keyboard, but to hold a knife in your hand, to feel the power that comes from this tool and to have an extensive technical discussion about it is something completely different.   

We have found each other and we suspect that we will continue to work together for a few more years in the spirit of creativity.

Claus Ermlich TYPEMYKNIFE BLOG 2023


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