Scarperia Tuscany Center of Italian knife art

Scarperia Tuscany Center of Italian knife art | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

Scarperia, the blade smiths of Italian knife art

One of our trips to the most interesting knife manufacturers in Europe took us to the beautiful region of Florence.

Just after the Apennines and 30 km before Florence, there is a picturesque landscape on the Via Bologna. An idyll, away from overtourism, a region has preserved its original beauty and true life.

Scarperia the capital of Italian knife making in the Mugello region, nestled in rolling hills at the foot of Passo del Giogo. Knife making in Scarperia dates back to the 15th century with a reputation for producing excellent quality blade steel.

In Scarperia, fantastic craftsmanship has been preserved into the 21st century, which still relies on traditional manufacturing techniques and pure manual work. Local woods from olive trees to regional box trees are processed here, as well as the local specialty of processing buffalo horn tips as knife handles.

We have visited the outstanding knife manufacturers in Scarperia, immersed ourselves in their manufacture and have been charmed by the Coltelliere let them in on the secrets of their knife art.

Coltellerie Berti Scarperia una lunga storia

Coltelleria Saladini, Messermanufaktur aus Scarperia Toskana

Right in the resort, in the Palazzo dei Vicari is not only the place’s wedding room for couples in love, but also, significantly, the Museum of Knife Art.

It was June 2020, the Tuscan sun was beating down and all of Scarperia was recovering from the great Corona shock of the winter. We discovered a fantastic Trattoria Il Torrione in the center, right next to the Palazzo dei Vicari , who spoiled us with the best local food during our stay.

Exuberantly celebrated Dolce Vita. Half the village meets in the evening for an aperitif in the Bar Centrale and enjoys life.

Scarperia is worth a trip, not only those who are interested in knives are in good hands there, the region also has attractive destinations to discover.

Scarperia, you have cast a spell over us. We will visit you again and entertain you with new stories of Italian knife art.   

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